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Simple Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life; it’s busy, it’s hectic, and it’s fun. One thing that day definitely is not is simple! One thing you can make as simple and basic as possible is your invitation for wedding; you don’t need something extravagant to invite your loved ones to celebrate your marriage with you, you just need them! Because of this, Paperlust, collaborating with some of the most talented designers hailing from Sydney and Melbourne - Australia and beyond boasts truly unique and stunning simple wedding invites.


It doesn’t get easier than a simple wedding invitation online!

Simple wedding invitations come in all shapes and sizes, after all it doesn’t get simpler than sending your invite online and skipping the post office and, most importantly, the line. Choosing to send your simple wedding invitation online saves you time, paper and money; just choose the perfect simple wedding invite design and personalise it to you and your big day. 


Our gorgeous, yet simple designs come just how you need them.

Simple wedding invites can be classic, elegant, modern, and colourful, including colours like black, blue, gold and purple! Our beautiful, yet simple designs are created to tell your guests when and where to be for your wedding, but with minimal distraction so you, not your invitation, shine most on your wedding day. 


Love your design? Don’t worry, there’s more; simple wedding invitation sets!

They come in all shapes and sizes, cover all colours from Black, Blue, Gold to Purple and more, as well as several print types like letterpress wedding invitations and metallic prints, and include designs in the wedding sets too! From engagement invitations to save the dates and thank you cards, Paperlust has the simple wedding design set that will cover you from start to finish. Get all your wedding stationary taken care of right away and take off some pressure early! 


Your simple wedding invitation wording says it all.


When creating your simple diy wedding invitation sets you'll want to find the perfect wording, so we suggest taking a peek at our wedding invitation wording page. If your goal is to keep your invites etc. as simple as you can, simple wedding invitation wording is the way to go. For the perfect simple wedding invitation, Paperlust has you covered.