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Save the Date Photos | Save the Date Photo Cards

Browse and customize photo save the date cards with Paperlust

There’s no better way to mark a big occasion than with beautiful customised stationery, and photo cards let you customise your prints in a way that nothing else can. Save the dates are the perfect opportunity to use photo cards as part of your wedding or other event, setting the tone from the very beginning. 


What is a photo card? Why choose save the date photo cards? 

A photo card incorporates a photo of your choice in your favourite design as a key feature. It allows you to include a photo of you, your family or something you love as part of your stationery for an event: photo invitations are the ultimate in personalisation!

On a wedding save the date card, that usually means a photo of you and your partner. If you had an engagement photo shoot, that should give you some great options to work with. A picture of you and your partner not only looks great and sets the attention on you from the very beginning, it is also a great opportunity to ‘introduce’ everyone to your partner, since there are usually at least some people invited who don’t know them. 


Choosing the right picture for your photo save the dates

Since the photograph is the most important part of photo cards, it pays to choose your photo wisely. If you know you’re going to be sending out photo save the dates, you might even choose to have photos taken especially for them. 

It’s usually best to choose a design first and then pick a photo to match the design, to make sure you can perfectly coordinate your photo and the card itself. This isn’t the only way to do it, but it’s usually the easiest way. 


Choosing the source of your save the date photo cards

There are a few different options to consider when it comes to getting a picture for your photo invitations. These include:

1. Having a photo session with a professional photographer

2. Having a friend take some photos of you

3. Using a photo you already have on hand.


Let’s take a look at each option: 

1. Session with a professional photographer

A short session with a professional photographer doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you’re looking for engagement photos. Many photographers offer free engagement sessions to their clients to get to know one another and practice working together before the wedding. Some photographers even offer free engagement sessions to people who aren’t their clients yet as a way to get engaged couples interested in hiring them for the big day.  You should obviously never take advantage of an offer like this, but it can be a great way of getting professional quality photos while also vetting potential wedding photographers. It’s always a good idea to check with the photographer if you are allowed to use their work in this way. It’s usually totally fine, but they’ll appreciate you asking! 

Not looking for a wedding save the date photo cards? You should still be able to book a short portrait session with a photographer for an affordable fee, especially if you only want one or two photos from the session. 


2. A shoot with a friend

If a professional photo shoot isn’t a possibility, consider asking a friend to help you get photos to choose from for your photo cards. This doesn’t mean asking for freebies from a friend who is a professional photographer. You might know a teenager who loves photography who will love helping you out for a nominal amount of money, or you can simply ask a friend to come out and take some photos for you. They don’t need to be an expert or have a super fancy camera. Obviously a photographer’s eye and talent will yield higher quality photos, but even just having photos that aren’t selfies will make your photo cards pop. 


3. An existing photo

If you’re pressed for time or you’ve already got a photo on hand that you love, you might choose to use an existing photo rather than getting a new one taken. If that’s the case, just make sure you think beyond how good looking you are in the pic! Think about some of the following things.


Things to consider when planning/choosing your save the date photo cards

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a photo or planning to have one taken for your save the date photos. These are especially important if you’re getting a photo taken to match a design you’ve already chosen. Some of these include:

  • Orientation - does your chosen design require a portrait or landscape photo (that is, vertical or lengthwise)? Does it call for a square photo or another shape? Chat with your photographer about this so they can keep it in mind during the photo shoot. 

  • Colour scheme - what colours are in the design you have chosen, and how can you make them pop with your photo? Will black and white look best, or should you go for a full colour image? What colour background will you have in the pictures? What colour outfits will you be wearing? You can also let your photographer know what the colour scheme is like so they can choose tones in their editing that will complement it perfectly. 

  • Background - In addition to the colour of the background, you should consider what is in the background, and how much background is included in the photo. Too much background and you’ll be lost in the frame. A busy or distracted background, and you won’t be the centre of attention. Choose wisely!

  • Save the date wedding photo ideas - In addition, you could create a save the date with multiple photos to create a photo strip or photo booth effect, or even a polaroid style picture -  so it's important to consider the save the date photoshoot ideas before you start customizing.

Other points to consider to create the best save the date cards with photo:


  • Consider the overall theme -  Think about what kind of theme you are going for with the overall save the date wedding photos. If you are going for a cool fun theme you could take a save the date with a beach photo at your local favourite coastal spot, in addition, if you are looking for creative save the date photo ideas, you could even write your and your partner’s names in the sand with the event date for the guests to save making sure its included in the photo.

  • If your going for a funny theme and have a favourite pet such as a dog or cat you can include them in the shot and even get a save the date sign to hang around their neck for the photo.

  • Is your wedding going to be in fall this year? Well if you are taking fall save the date photos you could head out to the country with a photographer friend to find a street lined with maple trees to take the shot, make sure to take it soon after the engagement.



Choosing the template for photo save the dates

Choosing a photo for your photo invitation is only part of the story: you also need to choose the card design itself. There are all kinds of design styles you can choose, especially if you’re choosing your photo cards online. Some of the things you need to consider include: 

  • Orientation & shape - Again, do you want your photo card to be landscape or portrait? (vertical or horizontal) Do you want another shape, like a square card? Do you want a long and skinny card, or a more standard card shape?

  • Double or single sided? - Do you want the photo on the same side as the information included, or would you prefer to have information on one side and a photo on the back?

  • Colour or black & white? - Do you want a certain colour scheme as part of your photo card, or do you want to keep things black and white so the photo really pops?

  • Size of picture for the save the date- Do you want your photo to take up the entire card, or a small portion of it? What size should the card be, and what size should the photo be relative to the card?

  • Design features - Do you want a simple design with a photo and some text, or do you want decorative design elements like florals, flourishes or other bits and pieces?

  • Magnets - Do you want to attach save the date photo magnets to make the card easy to attach to the fridge? Paperlust offer magnets you can attach to any card at checkout.

Some of the most popular design styles include typographic photo cards, classic photo cards, simple photo cards and sleek modern photo cards. Of course, there are no limits on this: you should be able to combine any style of design with a photo. This will be especially easy if you are shopping for photo invitations online. 


What information to include on your save the date photo cards

For a wedding save the date photo cards, you should include all the usual save the date information. That means:

  • The bride and groom’s names 

  • The date

  • The city where the wedding will take place, especially if people will be travelling

  • ‘Formal invitation to follow’ or something similar so people know more information will be available soon. 

For non-wedding save the dates, the same information is applicable, but switch out the bride and groom’s names for the name of the event.

Of course, photo cards don’t have to be used as save the dates only. You can order photo card wedding invitations, photo card birthday invitations, photo card baby shower invitations and baby announcements. Photo card thank you cards are among the most popular options, especially after a wedding. 

At Paperlust, we have a completely unique design editing tool and photo card maker that allows you to edit our designs in real time to see how they look with all your own information and choices of colour, font and other details. Instead of just ticking some boxes to choose certain options and hoping it all turns out okay in the end, you get full control over everything and you know how it’s all going to look way before the final photo card printing. 

We are an Australian based company and we offer free shipping Australia wide. We ship super fast and our orders come with premium complimentary envelopes for your convenience.

Purchasing from Paperlust supports Australia photo card designers. Whether you’re after a photo card WA designed or NSW designed, we can help. You’ll find designers from all over Australia, and choosing their work helps keep the local creative industry thriving. That’s a huge win for design lovers!


Save the date photo ideas

If you have organized a pre-wedding photoshoot or an engagement photoshoot, chances are you would like to use your photos for your save the date cards.

Discuss with your photographer and brainstorm some save the date engagement photo ideas before the day so you know if you have to prepare any props, what to wear and what you might be possibly doing.

Save the Date Picture Ideas

Here are some fun save the date photo ideas that will help leave a fun impression:

  • Using a chalkboard to write out your details and have a photo be your save the date

  • Take individual photos and to make a photo strip save the date that creates a larger picture such as a heart and announcing the date in the middle

  • Take several photos on a tripod with a white background behind you to make a photo booth save the date
  • Get your photographer to manipulate your image and create some miniature photographs of the both of you with an oversized ring