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Photo Baby Shower Cards

Exciting times are upon you. You have waited a long time for your child to be born, and he or she is almost here. It is time for you to hold your baby shower and share the excitement of your pregnancy and impending birth with those you love. The best way to invite people to your event is by using photo baby shower cards that display whatever you wish, using a maternity photo of you or an ultrasound. Whatever you choose, your guests will cherish it as a keepsake and be excited to RSVP.

When you decide what sort of photograph you would like to use, you can design a style around it perfectly. Choose from one of our many design styles, such as--funny, cute, fun and unique and let it complement the picture of your choosing. We have themes available as well, any number of which will go perfectly with your photo.

Print out these photo baby shower invitations in a beautiful selection of print types, including--digital cards, letterpress, foil stamp and photo card. All of this can be achieved no matter the gender of the child you are hosting the baby shower for. Pick from our array of--girl, boy, twin and neutral for even more customisation.

With that in mind, you may also opt to use our design services to craft other important stationery. This includes products likeĀ baby announcements and to make sure all of your stationery is top-notch and of similar influence. And after the party you should send baby shower thank you cards.

Pick out a photo and get started designing your baby shower invites today! Contact Paperlust at to begin the process now.