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Baby Shower Thank You Cards


What are baby shower thank you cards, and why should you send them?

Baby shower thank you cards are just an opportunity to say a big thank you to the people who helped celebrate your baby shower with you. There’s usually a lot of people involved in a baby shower, and thank you baby shower cards are not only a matter of etiquette: it’s just polite to show your gratitude. 

Baby shower thank you messages usually focus on saying thanks for any gifts you may have received, and for their attendance at your shower. You baby shower thank you message may also reference any work they did to help make it happen (hosting, bringing a plate of food, picking up your grandma, etc.).

For the most important players of your shower, you may wish to send their thank you card alongside a baby shower thank you gift. A thank you gift for baby shower guests doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or expensive: consider something simple like flowers, chocolate, or a cute knick-knack. There are many places to buy baby shower thank you gifts Australia wide, but you really don’t have to go too specific. 


When should you send your baby shower thank you cards?

It’s a good idea to write baby shower thank you notes for baby shower guests as soon as possible after the shower and aim to have them sent out before you give birth. This might seem like a big ask since baby showers usually happen quite close to your due date, but trust us on this one. It’s much more difficult to try to think back to what happened pre-birth and write your thank you cards baby in hand. Take the time to say thank you baby free if at all possible. Obviously this doesn’t always go to plan, especially if you go into labour early. If that’s the case, it’s best to wait until you are writing baby thank you cards and include the baby shower in the list of things you are saying thanks for. As long as you send thank you cards baby shower and other support gets a mention on, it doesn’t strictly matter whether they are standalone or not: thank you baby shower messages can be combined with your baby thank you cards to make the whole thing easier if you run out of time. 


What are baby thank you cards, and why should you send them?

Baby thank you cards are sent out after the birth of a new child to thank people who provided any support or assistance at this time. This includes people who brought round meals or groceries, watched your older children, came to visit or sent you a gift or card. It might also include your midwife, your home visit nurse or other professionals who helped out. Baby thank you cards are a great opportunity to acknowledge your support system and the help you received from the people close to you. 


When should you send your baby thank you cards?

Post-baby thank you cards have a more flexible timeline than your average thank yous, since most people understand that adjusting to life with a newborn is pretty all-consuming. Aim to get baby thank you cards out within a couple of months of the birth, but six months or so is still acceptable. With baby thank you cards, late is definitely better than never. 


The secret to getting baby thank you cards out easily

The idea of sitting down and writing thank you cards while trying to settle a newborn baby and find time to take a shower is understandably stressful. You wouldn’t be the first mum to throw her hands up and declare the whole affair impossible. Luckily there are ways to make it easier for yourself. 

The best way to get baby thank you cards written in a timely manner is to write them as things happen, rather than just noting down gifts and visitors and leaving them all for later. Unfortunately that mythical free time you’ll have in the future doesn’t always materialise, and as the task grows and grows it will end up hanging over your head and causing a lot of stress. Instead, think ahead. 

Before you have your baby, buy some pretty baby thank you cards, envelopes, stamps and anything else you might need (stickers, pens, etc.). You can personalise the thank you cards with an appropriate message to keep writing to a minimum. Then it’s just a matter of keeping these supplies within easy reach and writing them as needed. A friend just dropped by to visit and brought a gift? Take five minutes to write a thank you card as soon as she leaves, or within a day or two at least. These snippets of time are much more manageable than trying to carve out hours for writing. Whether you pop them in the post as they’re ready, or put them in a pile to be sent all at once in a couple of months, this is by far the most effective way to get them done (besides finding some way to write thank you cards baby free!).


How to: Baby and baby shower thank you card wording

Whether you’re wording baby shower thank you cards or just baby thank you cards, it’s all about two bits of information:

  • Who are you writing to and what is your relationship to them?
  • What have they done that you are thankful for?

The first point provides the context. Are you writing to your mum, your best friend, or an acquaintance who sent a nice card? You might mention your relationship to them in some way, with something like “I am so lucky to have you as my best friend” or “It was so kind of you to think of us after all this time”

There are a bunch of different things that could fall under that second point. Did this person host the baby shower or help host it? Did they attend or send a gift? Did they help clean your house or provide you with a meal? Did you have a great chat with them that gave you peace of mind about the birth? Whether it’s something concrete or something abstract, give specific examples of what you are thankful for. 

Remember, it’s okay to be brief with these thank you cards. Just acknowledge the things you are grateful for and say thanks. If you find yourself stuck for words, and you’re wondering how to make thank you cards sound sincere and meaningful, check out our thank you card wording guide for specific examples of words and phrases to use and how to handle difficult situations (like if you hate the gift). 

Baby shower thank you cards and baby thank you cards aren’t just suggested by stuffy etiquette books for 1950s housewives. They’re polite, expected, and an important part of being a gracious recipient of love and support from those around you. Luckily this advice can help make sure it’s not an ordeal to get them written. Wondering where to buy thank you cards for baby shower or after a newborn baby? We can help! Check out our collection of thank you cards, all able to be completely personalised at no extra cost.