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Baby Announcement Cards & Birth Announcement Cards

This is the moment you have been waiting for. After many months of carrying your little one safely around with you, he or she has finally made their presence known to the world, and you want to share that moment with everyone you love. Announcing the birth of your precious bundle of joy is an exceptionally exciting time. Make it an even more memorable experience with these baby announcement cards and birth announcement cards from Paperlust.

Paperlust offers birth announcement cards for your family, no matter what addition you’re making

No matter where in the country or when your baby joined your family, there is a baby announcement from Paperlust that serves as the perfect way to introduce them. Let the entire spectrum of family and friends know the gender of your newborn with--girl, boy, twin and neutral cards that suit your baby excellently. It doesn’t matter whether you gave birth yourself, or adopted a baby or child into your family, Paperlust has the perfect birth or baby announcement card for your situation and style.

With styles available from photo-filled to birth announcement cards without photo; so many options!

With a number of styles like--funny, pretty, adorable and cute, you can capture your child's fun, curious and budding personality in a single announcement. A slew of print styles also let you personalise the birth announcements even further with options including-- letterpress, foil stamp and metallic prints. Whether you want your announcements to have your sweet little babies face on it, or you would rather choose a more general birth announcement card without a photo, Paperlust has an incredible selection of both so that no matter what you love your birth announcement and the look you chose.


Save time and money and send one of our incredible baby announcement cards online.

Your little one is bubbly and full of joy; a colourful personality just waiting to be discovered. Reflect on this with the wide selection of theme cards available, including--tea party and picnic. You may also choose to complement the birth announcement cards with any other of our stationery like baby shower invitations, thank you cards and even more! Plus, if you don’t want to have to deal with sending out actual cards in the mail, Paperlust’s products, including these cards, are available to be sent electronically instead. Simply choose from our beautiful baby announcement cards online section, personalise your card for your adorable little one, order and send; it’s that easy.


Don’t spend an arm and a leg; choose birth announcement cards for cheap here at Paperlust.

Announcing the birth of your beloved has never been more elegant, easy or inexpensive. With announcement cards available for you in a wide variety of styles, colours and prints, get your birth announcement cards cheap, but well-made, from us at Paperlust. Paperlust is proud to be a part of your special moment by providing beautiful baby announcement cards that will be cherished for a lifetime. Contact us with any questions for our designers at


Think ahead when planning birth announcement cards

Baby announcement cards are the best way to share the joy of a new baby with all your loved ones. They become one of the first keepsakes of your baby’s life, something that will be cherished for years to come.

Sending out cards to announce the arrival of your new family member is a great way make your friends and family feel more involved in the birth of your new baby, especially if many of them live far away and might not get a chance to come visit you and the new baby (girl or boy) anytime soon.

When it comes to preparing for the arrival of a new baby there are so many different things to think about, so it’s a good idea to start planning early to ensure that you don’t leave anything out or have any last minute stress. Baby announcements are likely to get pushed down the list of things to do once the baby arrives.

At Paperlust, we don’t want you to feel any stress when planning your baby announcement and we will help you with all the details so your cards are perfect and ready to go when you need them. There’s no rule as to when you actually have to send them out, it’s really up to you and when you feel you have the time. It can be weeks after the birth or a few months. People will understand that you’re busy with a new baby arrival and won’t be expecting to receive a card straight away, so don’t let yourself get stressed about not sending them out straight away.

If you do intend to send out baby announcement cards start thinking early about the style you might like, who you’ll send them to and when, so you don’t have to worry about them when you’re busy spending time bonding with your new baby. You want to minimise things to worry about, so having them already chosen and ready to go will make things a lot easy and will mean they can get sent out more quickly as well.


Choosing a theme for creative baby announcements

Once you’ve decided to send out birth announcement cards, it can be a little overwhelming choosing a design or birth announcement template from the many available. A good place to start is to decide if you want to go with a particular theme. Have a look through the different designs on offer to find creative baby announcements that stand out to you. Maybe you want to go with a particular style or colour scheme? Either way, consider something that follows along your own personal tastes. It’s not like the baby is going to have a lot of preferences, so it’s always going to reflect a whole lot of you. 

There are plenty of fun, colourful styles of baby announcement template to choose from, both gender specific and neutral, to suit all new parents. Our designers can help you with a personalised baby announcement cards, so you end up with a special design you’re happy with.

If you’ve already chosen baby shower cards, then you can look through our baby announcement cards to find a cute style that will match the theme you’ve already started, to keep everything cohesive.

A lot of people choose to include a picture of the baby on the announcement, but that also means you might not be sending the cards out until a few months after the birth (as you’ll have to make time to take the photo) so keep that in mind. Some people plan this in advance and have a photographer or family friend organised for a baby announcement photo shoot soon after the birth. If you’re not including a photo of the baby on the card - and you don’t have to - you can choose a simple, sweet design that is in line with your personal style. You could always include baby announcement photos loose in the envelope rather than as part of the card itself. 

Baby announcement cards are generally kept by the recipients for years as a piece of memory of the baby’s birth, so it’s always a good idea to choose a style that you love.


Who to send the baby announcement cards to

Now it’s probably a good idea to sit down with your partner and come up with a list of everyone you want to send a baby announcement card to. It’s up to you who receives a card, whether it’s just for family members, loved ones overseas or even if you want to send them to co-workers. 

You don’t need to send a card to every single person you know, but think of the people in your life who you would like to have one and the people who would truly appreciate receiving a baby announcement card. Just remember for the people who you are really close to, it’s likely that you’ll call them or they’ll check up on you to find out about the baby, so they won’t be so concerned about getting an announcement card right away.

Anyone who has sent you cards or gifts congratulating you on the new baby, and any guests who attended your baby shower (who you can also send baby thank you cards), if you had one, should receive an announcement card as a nice gesture of thanks and of how much they mean to you. 

When choosing how many cards to order it might be a good idea to order a few spares ones as well, just in case. At least then if you realise you’ve forgotten someone later on, or maybe someone asks for an extra, you’ll have some ready. Be sure to get one for yourself as well!

Some cultures see baby announcement cards or birth announcements as an absolute necessity, while others will feel surprised and compelled to do something in return should they receive one. If you’re in a community where people feel they have to send baby announcement gifts or cards in response, feel free to skip the announcements, or to make it clear you are not expecting anything in return so friends don’t stress about this. 


Birth announcement wording 

Your baby announcement wording can be as minimal or detailed as you like. Whether you just want the baby’s name and date of birth or you want to include more, like the parents’ names and a little message that the new family is doing well, or even the baby’s weight, it’s completely up to you what you want it to say on the card.


 The message you have on the card could include wording like:

• Introducing…

• Announcing…

• We are pleased to welcome…

• We are delighted to announce the birth of…

• Welcoming with love our beautiful baby girl/boy…


There are plenty of different wording options you can choose, or even create a unique baby announcement and personal yourself. Just remember to keep it short and sweet. An announcement card doesn’t need to go into too much detail, just the important things that people will want to know at the start. The best baby announcements are sweet, simple and to the point.

Choose wording that you feel comfortable with and that suits your personality, whether that’s formal or more casual. The announcement cards will reflect your excitement at the new addition to your family, excitement that your loved ones are sure to share.

If you want funny birth announcements, witty wording is a great way of accomplishing this. Just be careful. Always be mindful of all the people who will be getting announcements - if they’re not close friends and family members, your sense of humour might not translate. One person’s hilariously funny birth announcements can be offensive or confusing to another, especially with cultural differences or if someone isn’t a native English speaker. It’s absolutely fine to be witty or make a joke, just be confident of how it’s going to land before you do. 

The designers at Paperlust will help you get the wording just right on your baby announcement cards, to ensure that your baby’s introduction to your loved ones will be perfect.


Twin birth announcements

If you’re having twins, triplets or even more(!!) it can be a little confusing to know how to handle your baby announcements. After all, there are two or more babies to announce. It’s usually best to stick to one announcement shared among the two. Twin birth announcements may feature two separate photos, or one photo of the two babies (or more, of course. Scale accordingly). So long as the names are all there and matched to the right pictures, it’s all good. If you really want to do separate cards for each child, you can, but it’s best to at least include them in the same envelope so people don’t get confused. 


Themed baby announcement ideas

Stuck for birth announcement ideas? We’ve got themes to choose from in case you’re stuck, including baby boy birth announcements, baby girl birth announcements, and neutral birth announcements. None of these are hard and fast rules, of course, just based on what people often choose. Whatever you decide, be aware that people will make assumptions about the gender of the baby based on what is on the card. If you don’t say ‘It’s a boy!’ or ‘It’s a girl!’, people will judge by name, colours and theme, which is why it can be a good idea to choose a theme people will associate with the sex of the baby. So while you can have a pink mermaid birth announcement for your little boy Ashley Lou, you should be ready to correct people when they ask about your daughter.


For baby boy birth announcements:

  • Sports

  • Construction site

  • Cars

  • Superheroes

  • Dinosaurs


For baby girl birth announcements:

  • Butterflies

  • Princess

  • Mermaids

  • Ballerinas

  • Dresses

Neutral baby announcement ideas:

  • Animals

  • Under the sea

  • Weather

  • Seasons

  • Musical instruments

  • Baby things (bottles, onesies)

  • Pattern (stripes, polka dots)


Special occasion baby announcements

It’s a popular choice to create a baby announcement that doubles as a holiday greeting, or to at least reference the fact that the announcement or birth is falling close to another important date. There are heaps of options for holiday birth announcements, it just depends when your baby is born. You might consider a:


  • Christmas baby announcement

  • Easter baby announcement

  • Thanksgiving baby announcement

  • Halloween baby announcement

  • Valentines baby announcement


You can draw attention to the special occasion either through the photo included, the design elements of the baby announcement, or through the birth announcement wording. For example, for Christmas birth announcements you might simply have a santa hat on the baby in the photo, you might incorporate a Christmas tree into the design of the announcement, or you might use wording like “Unto us a child is born” or “The greatest gift of all”. 

How subtle or bold your holiday birth announcements are really just depends on whether you want to give a little nod to the season, or use the announcements as your Christmas cards this year.


Another list of baby announcement ideas you should consider too


It's a girl! You are ecstatic at the gender of your child, knowing all of the wonderful life lessons and wisdom you will get to share with your little girl. Watching her grow into a toddler and then a child; from a teen to an intelligent, grown woman is an exciting journey you cannot wait to take. Show your family how thrilled you are about the birth of your child with the girl baby announcement cards from Paperlust.

The girl birth announcements are excellent for making a statement and delivering the wonderful news right away. To dress it up, consider adding in a gorgeous design style that is feminine and sweet, much like your baby girl. Designs include--pretty, adorable, cute and unique and can truly add a special touch to your baby announcement. See girl baby announcement design here

Layer the card with a theme such as--ballerina, princess, cowgirl and picnic to add even more of an appeal and set a certain tone and mood of the card. You can also add a dainty print type like--digital cards, letterpress, foil stamps and photo cards and give your guests a card that is personal and unique.

If you find yourself needing other stationery like--baby announcement and baby shower invitations, Paperlust has exactly what you need. Choose from our abundance of products that can be designed and tailored specifically for you.

Paperlust knows how excited you are to welcome your baby girl into the world. Let us help out with this glorious task. Contact us at and start designing your announcement today.

The arrival of a baby girl to a family is always joyful. If you wish to share the great news with your family and friends, Paperlust has many designs to suit the occasion, from girly flowers and pink backgrounds to neutral colors and polka dots. You can browse thru the many options we offer and personalize them. 

When you find the design you like, you can upload a photo of your baby girl and add a filter. Our editing tool will allow you to customize the wording and include details from the arrival of your girl, such as the time and date of birth, name, weight, and length. You can also add cute phrases like: 

- Dreams come true; our baby girl is here. 

- We are blessed with the arrival of our little girl. 

- Ten little fingers and toes have filled our hearts with joy. 

If one of our current designs is exactly what you imagined minus a couple of details, you can always personalize it by adding a special request to change colors, elements, and fonts. And to create a design from scratch for your baby girl's birth announcement, our design team can always accommodate a custom order. 

Girls birth announcements are the best way to let your loved ones know your girl has arrived. Since the first weeks of life are pretty busy for mom and dad, you can always ask for help from a friend or family member to snap a picture and go thru the ordering process. Or you can wait for a little, there is no hurry, everyone will understand your hands are full, and etiquette dictates you have up to the sixth month to send those birth announcements. 



Rainbows are magical displays of how wonderful nature is. They appear right after a storm, as soon as the light of the sun shines. And for many couples, a rainbow symbolizes how long they have waited for a baby to arrive in their lives and how many storms they survived. Plus, who does not love a colorful rainbow baby announcement card? 

Paperlust offers many options for your rainbow baby birth announcement, choose one of our designs and personalize it adding information like the name of your newborn, date and time of birth, weight, and length. You can also include a quote or phrase; here are some examples. 

- After a storm, a rainbow baby arrived. 

- Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream do come true. We welcome our rainbow baby. 

- Without storms, rainbows would not come. Our baby rainbow has arrived. 

Once you customize the wording, it is time to choose the perfect print type and stock. Paperlust offers many options for both. You can choose a color or neutral stock. Print types include digital printing, an affordable and reliable option for simple designs. Real foil and metallic print for a hint of luxury. And letterpress for a vintage feel.

Check out these rainbow announcements here




Fall is a wonderful season, with meaningful holidays and celebrations, along with delicious food and cute decoration. If you are lucky enough to have a fall baby, you should not doubt choosing a fall theme for your baby birth announcement. Colors like orange, burgundy, brown, yellow, and ivory are ideal. And elements such as pumpkins, leaves, and turkeys can complement your design. 

Browse through the many options Paperlust offers for your fall baby announcements and check it out here. Keep in mind you can personalize any of them and even change elements, colors, or font style. In addition, you can upload your favorite photo and let friends and family know how cute your little pumpkin is. 

To customize one of our current designs, all you need to do is add a special request during the editing process. Our editing tool allows you to incorporate details like the name of your baby, a cute phrase, time, and date of birth. You can also move and resize elements and change the font. But if you wish to change the design colors or shapes, a special request must be submitted. 



Baby birth announcements are always cute and sweet, but if those words do not define your style as a parent and you wish to communicate the arrival of your bundle of joy in a unique and cool way, Paperlust has you covered. With many design options that scream cool baby, you get to choose and customize to make them your own. Check out these cool baby announcements here.

Think about uncommon stock colors like black, forest green, or cobalt. Combined with one of our specialty print types, such as real foil or white ink. And

 you can upload a photo of your little one to make it unique. Include phrases like "Here comes trouble" or "mommy and daddy brand new alarm clock."

Paperlust offers many designs you can customize with our editing tool, you can resize, move, and delete certain elements. Change the font style, and personalize the wording. You can add a special request for bigger changes such as the design color or adding new elements. And to create a unique design, we can help you build a custom order. 



For couples who have a sharp sense of humor, regular baby birth announcements might seem too dull. That is why Paperlust offers clever baby announcements; our selection includes cute and funny ways to let your friends and family, your baby has arrived. Here you will find a design with the cover of a newspaper announcing the big news. Check out these clever baby announcements here

You can customize our designs by uploading a photo of your baby, and with our editing tool, you can add your baby's name, date and time of birth, weight, and length. Along with a funny quote like "Behold the most beautiful baby on earth" or "parents lose their minds after holding their gorgeous little one for the first time." 

Order your clever baby birth announcements soon after your baby is born, so you do not keep everyone waiting on a cute keepsake. Anything from one month up to six months is acceptable according to birth announcements etiquette. 



The most joyous of moments in your life has arrived. You have been bestowed with the blessing of twins, and have finally given birth to your long-awaited children. There is nothing like the love of a mother, and by giving out these twin baby announcement cards that are personalised and unique, you can show your excitement and love in a beautiful, customized way.

Begin by choosing which girl, boy, twin and neutral cards you would like, no matter if it is two boys, two girls, or a mixture of the two--Paperlust has it all. With the gender picked out, you can choose a design style that speaks to the unique nature of your precious twins with designs such as--pretty, adorable, cute and fun. Choose a theme to achieve the same diverse effect and layer on the stylish appeal with choices such as--tea party, summer, shabby chic and picnic. Check out these twin baby announcement theme here

Further the incredible quality of these birth announcements when you opt for a paper style that is truly your own. Print styles include--digital cards, letterpress, foil stamp and photo card for a look and feel that cannot be matched by run-of-the-mill cards.

A number of other products are available to you to help announce your baby boy's entrance into the world, or to simply send out a hello to family and friends. Included in this are products such as--baby announcement and baby shower invitations.

Let the family know that your little one has arrived in style when you send out a baby announcement from Paperlust. A team of designers are waiting to assist you in curating the perfect cards, and you can begin the process now by contacting

When the joy is double, you should send your twin babies birth announcement extra special. Twins birth announcements are a beautiful way to let everyone you love your babies have arrived. Take a beautiful picture of the newest addition to your family and upload it to Paperlust to include it in your birth announcement for twins. 

Paperlust has a wide selection of designs available for your twins' birth announcement, no matter if you have girls or boys. When you find the right design, it is time to customize the wording. You can add quotes like: "twice the love" or "our family welcomes with love twins____ and ____." 

And do not forget to include the name of your twins, as well as the date and time of birth. If you wish to personalize an existing design, you can always add a special request to change the colors, add elements, or remove them. 



Elephants are cute and magical creatures, and you can include them in your baby birth announcement, no matter if you are announcing the birth of a girl or boy. You can even make it gender-neutral. Browse through the selection Paperlust has for you and choose a design you love here.

Now you can use the editing tool to customize the wording, add your baby's name, the date and time of birth, along with the birth weight and length. You can resize and delete elements. And you can also change the font style. 

If you want to make bigger changes to a current design, like the color of the design, or include some other elements, you can always add a special request. And to create a unique design from zero, we can always accommodate custom orders. 



Babies arrive when the time is right, even if that means on New Year's Eve or near that date. The beginning of a new year is always a moment of reflection, and we all seek to find a new purpose in our lives. The announcement of your little one birth will be a cute and exciting moment for everyone who has been waiting for this day to arrive.  

New years is related to parties and colors like gold, silver, and black. But you can always personalize the colors of a design you love from Paperlust by adding a special request to the editing page. Plus, you can personalize the wording and include phrases like 

- 'This the season for new babies. We greet you and hope you enjoy the holidays. 

- Last year, two kissed, and now they have become three. 

- Santa brought the best gift ever, and we are now starting a new year with our little one. 

Along with a cute quote, you should also consider including the name of your baby, date and time of birth, weight, length, place of birth, and the name of the happy parents. Keep in mind baby birth announcements are a keepsake for many of your family and friends. They will treasure it as a gift, so including all that information can make it extra special. 

Keep in mind new year is a festive occasion, so your announcement design should be too. Check out Paperlust new years eve birth announcements here and find the perfect design to share the great news. Personalize the design with our editing tool, upload a photo, and choose your preferred print type. 



Baby announcements do not have to be cheesy; you can make them unique by incorporating your favorite movie saga, videogame, or book. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want to make sure you make it unique. Paperlust offers various options for you, and we can always accommodate custom orders if we fail to provide a design you love. Check out our design here

Once you find the right design, you can personalize the wording with our editing tool. Here you can add the name of your baby, the date and time of birth, the name of the parents, and any other information you wish to share. You can also resize and move elements and change the font style. If you wish to make bigger changes such as colors or elements, you can add a special request to your order. 



The most classic birth announcement is the one you get from the hospital, a simple design with the essential information everyone wants to know, including the name of the baby, date of birth, time, birth weight, length, name of the hospital, and name of the parents. 

Paperlust offers many options for you to choose from. Depending on the style you search, you can have simple and neutral color or a classic pink and blue. The Paperlust editing tool is friendly, and you can customize the wording of your hospital birth announcement with a couple of clicks. 

See our hospital birth announcement design here



 The arrival of a baby is an exciting time, and you want to make sure you enjoy it. Your announcement cards should not take away from time spent getting to know you newborn, so let us help you to have one less thing to worry about. 


About to have a baby, or just had one? Yay! Congratulations! There is truly nothing more exciting than the joy of telling everyone in your life the happy news when they finally arrive. At Paperlust, we love to be part of that excitement, with birth announcement cards Australia will love. 

Birth announcements are your moment to introduce your new baby to the world in style.  It’s usually a good idea to choose your announcements before the birth, but you usually won’t order them until after the birth so you can include a photo, information about the date of birth, weight and other details. Getting them all sent out obviously isn’t a priority in the days and weeks after the birth, but if you want to announce the birth it’s best to get them out within a few months where possible. Sometimes asking a friend or family member to finalise the order with all the correct information is the easiest way to get it done, so it’s worth considering this option. 

We offer baby boy birth announcements and baby girl birth announcements along with heaps of neutral options, so you’ll be able to find something to suit you regardless of the gender of your little one. 

Along with different gendered styles, there are a number of different card styles to choose from, including simple birth announcements and adorable announcements. We also have birth announcement cards Australia inspired for people who want a local touch to their stationery. 

In addition to style, you should also consider the print type you are interested in. Each print type has its own benefits. Some of the most popular are:

  • Digital cards - digital birth announcements are the most affordable choice. They are your standard ink on paper announcements, available on different kinds of paper with various finishes. 

  • Photo cards - photo cards are your opportunity to make a photo of your baby the main feature of the announcement. This is perfect, since everyone will be eager to see the new arrival!

  • White ink cards - white ink is a premium print type that looks amazing on kraft paper or coloured paper stock. It creates a unique effect with a rustic edge that is perfect for announcing a baby.

  • Real foil cards- real foil is the way to make a statement! It is pure luxury. Whether you have foil text, borders or other design elements, foil is a great option. It can be pricey, but it’s so worth it! 

Once you’ve got your birth announcements picked out, you can look for inspiration to help choose other cards for your baby, including christening cards, baptism cards and first birthday cards. It pays to be prepared: the months fly by when you’ve got a newborn!

Our on site design tool is perfect for editing design templates to make sure they are the right fit for you. You get to put in all your own information and the details about your baby, rearrange things on the page, and see how it all looks as you go. That’s infinitely better than just choosing some options and hoping it all works out okay! 

Every order from Paperlust helps support Australia’s local design community and some of the best Aussie creatives. If you’re a lover of design, that’s a huge bonus! An extra helping of good vibes on top of your stunning baby announcements. 


We ship birth announcement cards Australia wide for free, and around the world. That means we’re accessible to everyone! Plus, we don’t have any hidden fees. The prices on our website are in AUD, and are all inclusive.