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Rainbow Baby Announcements

Rainbows are magical displays of how wonderful nature is. They appear right after a storm, as soon as the light of the sun shines. And for many couples, a rainbow symbolizes how long they have waited for a baby to arrive in their lives and how many storms they survived. Plus, who does not love a colorful rainbow baby announcement card? 

Paperlust offers many options for your rainbow baby birth announcement, choose one of our designs and personalize it adding information like the name of your newborn, date and time of birth, weight, and length. You can also include a quote or phrase; here are some examples. 

  • After a storm, a rainbow baby arrived. 

  • Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream do come true. We welcome our rainbow baby. 

  • Without storms, rainbows would not come. Our baby rainbow has arrived. 

 Once you customize the wording, it is time to choose the perfect print type and stock. Paperlust offers many options for both. You can choose a color or neutral stock. Print types include digital printing, an affordable and reliable option for simple designs. Real foil and metallic print for a hint of luxury. And letterpress for a vintage feel.