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Modern and Purple and Silver Wedding Invitations: Range of options

Wedding invitation commonly stay on a simple range of tones and styles, but if common does not describe your wedding style, a purple and silver combination will suit you perfectly. Both tones adapt to daytime and evening weddings. You only need to adjust the tone of purple. 

Purple is a color associated with royalty for many years; garments with purple tone were reserved only for the highest class due to natural dyes' rareness. If you are hosting an elegant and luxurious event, the combination of dark purple and silver is ideal. 

For daytime or a less formal wedding, you can tone down the purple and go for a lavender combined with silver to keep it elegant. Floral details and casual wording can complete your wedding invitations. 

We are sure you will find the design you are dreaming of within our many options at Paperlust. You can customize your purple and silver wedding invitations by uploading a portrait, adding metallic details that reflect class and elegance with Real foil printing, or have a subtle shine by choosing our metallic print. 

 A royal combination, purple, and silver, is a beautiful and elegant choice for your wedding. And you can adjust the formality of your event by choosing lighter or darker shades of purple. Many natural flowers come in this deep and unique tone, from calla lily to lavender. 

Adding a metallic element to your wedding reception décor gives it a hint of elegance. You could add silver chandeliers or perhaps silver glass vases for your centerpieces. Small touches of silver in your wedding invitations are another great alternative. 

Please browse through our many designs. Paperlust offers a simple way to customize beautiful wedding invitations. You can choose a predetermined design and change the wording, adding your names and information about your ceremony and reception. Or you can request a custom order, and our team of designers will work with you to get the result you dream of.