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Save the date postcards for a Wedding and Postcard Save the Dates

When you’re planning an important event, it’s vital that you make sure all your guests are able to attend, which means you need to give them plenty of notice so they’re not too busy to be there. Save the date postcards are a fun way of letting your guests know what’s happening and when, so they can make their plans accordingly. 

Postcard Save the Dates are a rectangular, single page invite that can be sent with or without an envelope. Typically, when being sent without an envelope, the guest’s address information is written on the back of the card, along with a stamp. On the front of the postcard there is usually a large image - either a design or a photo - along with the necessary information. 


Why might you choose postcard save the dates?

Postcard save the dates are the most popular sort of invitation postcards (especially wedding postcards), since they don’t have to include a lot of information on them. If you’re thinking of using postcards at some point in the stationery suite for your event, the save the date is usually your best option. 

Save the date postcards are primarily an aesthetic choice. People love the way they look and the fact that an image tends to feature so prominently on the front of the card. They are often chosen by people hoping to save money on envelopes, but complimentary premium envelopes are included with every order from Paperlust, so this shouldn’t be a concern. Still, some people are looking for save the date postcards cheap to stick to a tight budget. 


When to send out save the date postcards?

Save the date postcards should be sent out several months before your event. Typically they are sent out at least 4-6 months ahead of time, often longer. As long as there is plenty of time between guests receiving their save the dates and receiving their actual invitation, you’re fine. 


Save the date postcard templates or professional save the date postcards?

Save the date postcard templates are a popular option for people interested in doing their save the date postcards cheap. These templates can be downloaded, edited and printed from home to create diy save the date postcards using your own printer. This is appealing because it gives you full control over each stage, but it can also be less than ideal for the same reason. If you’re not used to printing fiddly documents or using higher quality ink and paper, it can take some time to get it right. There is also a much smaller range of designs available as downloadable templates online, so it can be more difficult to find something you love. 

If budget is your most important factor to consider, and you’re willing to sacrifice time, quality and range of choice to keep things affordable, save the date postcard templates are a great option for you! If you don’t have a lot of time or crafty know-how, and you’re more concerned about how much you love the final product, you’ll probably be glad you chose professional save the date postcards instead of doing it yourself. 


Destination wedding save the date post cards

Sending out destination wedding save the date postcards are favourable for the couples who are having a destination wedding. Get some cheap wedding save the date postcards sent out and to allow more budget for the wedding afar. Not only does it follow the postcard save the dates incorporates the travelling theme, is more budget friendly, it is also a great way to show off your fun style as a couple too. Be sure to add a fun or formal photo of the both of you at the front of the postcard to really personalize it!


Vintage postcard save the dates

If you can’t find a postcard that you like, contact our Paperlust team and we will be able to alter all types of existing designs into a postcard to suit you. The Paperlust design team can also change the font and colour of any existing postcard save the dates to transform it into vintage postcard save the dates or remove design elements to create more modern and minimal postcard save the dates. If you have your own save the date postcard template, you can also choose the print only option with your choice of paper and print.

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