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Destination Wedding Save the Date Cards | Destination Wedding Save the Dates

A tropical island, a vineyard tucked away in the country, a boutique thai villa, or maybe a piazza in Florence - destination weddings are amazing but they require planning and giving your guests ample heads up so they can prepare, save, and make necessary flight and accommodation arrangements. Enter destination wedding save the dates, which will not only give your guests plenty of time to get organised but also set the tone for your destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Save the Dates Etiquette

For a destination wedding, you need to give good notification to your guests well in advance, that is because if they have to travel they need good time in advance to book flights or accommodation. Consider sending the destination save the date cards 8-12 months in advance.


If your heart is set on taking pride of place on your loved ones’ fridges, choose save the date magnets for your destination wedding. Paired with a great photo of you and your partner, there’s no way your destination wedding save the date cards will end up under a pile of bills. Save the date magnets are ideal for any design featuring a destination theme - be it mountain, beach or safari. At Paperlust the whole back of your card is a top quality magnet so it won’t have any trouble sticking to the fridge.


Luggage tags

Luggage tags save the dates for destination weddings are truly apropos - whether paper or printed on real luggage tags. A chance to get away is always exciting so why not fan the flame with something to spark your guests’ gleeful travel plans? A passport or boarding pass save the date is also a theme-appropriate way to give your loved ones a heads up about the date of your wedding.



A destination wedding save the date postcard fits in beautifully with the travel theme and reminds people what they have to look forward to. Choose a double sided save the date so your lovely couple photo can brighten up the fridge while the information sits tucked safely away at the back. Destination wedding save the date postcards also hark back to a simpler time and work really well for those planning a wedding with vintage details, like dress or wedding rings.


Cultural - Destination Wedding Save the Dates Ideas

There are plenty of tropical destination wedding save the date ideas out there, but what about the cultural destination wedding? Just because you have a lot of relatives there, doesn’t mean it’s not a destination wedding for you and many other guests. Make the most of it and embrace the culture of your destination, whether it’s India, Brazil, Canada or Scotland. Destination save the dates should serve to give you a taste of the amazing event to come and can be either location or theme based - or a sophisticated mix of both. 


Tropical - Destination Wedding Save the Dates Ideas

There are many ways to introduce destination weddings with the right save the date, even through carefully selected design and printing technique. For a tropical island save the date you could choose a design with a palm tree or pineapple motif in real gold foil, or use blind letterpress to create an impression of waves on a minimalist card. However, save the date cards for destination weddings don’t have to match a specific theme. If your designated wedding style happens to be totally opposite to your chosen location, that’s totally okay! Just make sure you’re getting the wedding of your dreams.


Birthday weekend

Save the date ideas are usually reserved for destination weddings but what about a ‘destination’ birthday? There’s no reason you can’t celebrate a milestone like 18, 30 or 50 with a weekend away with family, friends or a mix of both. Usually, the bigger the getaway, the more likely you are to need save the dates. Browse our stunning save the date collection and think about whether you need one for your event.


A save the date is crucial for a destination wedding. Guests need time to save money and organise leave, flights, accommodation and potential babysitting. The more notice you give, the more people will be able to come which only adds to the merriment!