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Save the date for a birthday party

Birthday parties are sometimes thrown together at the last minute in a casual sort of way, with pizza or a barbecue and an informal ‘invitation’ on social media. Other times, birthday parties are planned for months ahead of time and can be lavish, catered events. If you’re putting this much work into your day, you want to make sure all your guests have plenty of notice so as many people as possible can attend. This is where save the date birthday invitations can come in handy. 

Save the dates are perfect if people are going to be travelling for your birthday party, since it allows them to schedule days off, book ahead and find accommodation. There are a lot of logistics to think about, and save the dates show that you understand that and want to help make it easy for them to come along. They are also useful for busy people closer to home: it ensures you get first dibs on their calendar and they are more likely to be able to make it. 

Save the dates also signal the importance of guests’ attendance at your party. They show that you have put a lot of time and thought into planning and therefore that it is important to you. This is also likely to suggest that you’re spending good money on the event and that it will be something special. This will shoot you straight up the list over people relying on word of mouth, text messages or social media to invite their guests. 

Your save the date birthday cards should be sent a couple of months ahead of the actual date. The actual time period depends on how far ahead you are planning. The more notice the better (within reason). It’s best to work backwards to find the right time to send out your save the dates. If you’re sending your main invites 3-6 weeks ahead of the big day, you probably want your save the dates going out about three months prior. If guests are going to get their save the dates just a week or two before they get their invites, you might not need save the date birthday invites on this occasion. 

Choose save the date birthday cards that match your event by theme, style, colour palette or by how formal/casual your party is, to give your guests a real taste of what is to come and to make them excited about attending. 

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