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Rustic Graduation Invitations

If you choose a rustic graduation theme, your invitations should match the theme. Rustic decoration gravitates around natural elements like wood, cotton, burlap, stone, and greenery. At paperlust, we have many options for you to incorporate those elements. 

Choose a design with earthy tones like olive green, dark orange, yellow, beige, and brown shades. Or elements like greenery draws, flowers, and anything nature-related.

Digital print is ideal for simple and minimalistic designs. If you want to take it to the next level, we also offer print on wood. Yes, we can print on real wood. How cool would it be to receive a wood invitation, with all the graduation details on it? They are a sustainable and rustic option for your celebration. 

Send your invitations with enough time for your friends and family to confirm and schedule accordingly. Close family and friends, teachers, mentors, and anyone you appreciate and will be happy to celebrate your achievement should be invited.