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Medical Graduation Announcement

All your hard work, effort, and sleepless nights are finally paying off, and you soon will graduate from Medical School. This achievement should be shared with everyone who has participated in some way during your long years of career. A medical graduation announcement is particularly special. Make sure you announce it with all the formality that requires. 

Classic or traditional styles suit perfectly for a medical graduate. White, blue, black, golden, gray, and silver are colors that relate to your profession. But there are no written rules; you can get creative and reflect your personality or specialty. For example, a pediatrician announcement can be colorful and fun. 

Paperlust has the ideal design for every graduate and plenty of prints for you to choose from. If you want your announcement to be extra special and elegant, real foil will suit the part, a specialty printing process that adds class to your lettering. Another variant is raised foil, a technology that uses a UV-based process to create a high-quality and scratch-resistant raised foil finish.