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Silver Engagement Invitations & Engagement Party Invitations

Having an engagement party is an exciting tradition, and since engagement invitations usually less formal than wedding invitations, you can be as creative as you want with them.

Engagement invitations wording can be as formal or light-heated as you like. Our engagement invitations templates are a great guide when it comes to choosing your wording, and we also have additional guides for wedding invitations wording.

Check out some of our featusilver silver engagement invitations designers and artists, including Amelia Stevens, Elizabeth Graciela, Ruby Hatfield and Stefan Arifin. So get busy browsing silver engagement invitations to match your engagement party. is an Australian company, which means you can place your engagement invitations order with confidence knowing we are a local company with local customer support, quick turn-around, and no international pricing or fees.

Our support team and design associates are here to help with wedding invitations wording, wedding invitation etiquette and any other customisation requests.