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Rustic Engagement Invitations

There’s no season in your life quite as exciting as your engagement, and your engagement party is the perfect occasion to celebrate that joy and excitement with all the people you love. Your engagement invitations set the tone for your day, so you want them to match the theme or style of your event. Rustic engagement invitations are one of the most popular choices, known for their easy going vibe and effortless charm.

Rustic engagement invites are all about nature and a DIY feel. They go perfectly with all sorts of different styles of engagement party, even a more modern vibe. They are perfect for a vintage event, or any sort of outdoor party (i.e. a garden engagement party). They create a very warm and inviting feeling that will have your guests eager for the big day! If you’re after a family atmosphere or a low-key gathering, a rustic style will help you achieve that. 

Some of the most popular features of rustic engagement party invitations are natural colour palettes; kraft paper or print on wood choices; natural motifs like leaves, flowers or trees; lace, twine and other embellishments; and scripts that look hand-drawn. Anything that looks like it has been created in a DIY fashion is perfect for this style. 

A rustic themed party doesn’t happen without rustic party decorations. If you’ve already opted for DIY engagement invitations, you may want to continue the personal handmade feel - your budget will thank you! Your rustic starter kit includes: lace engagement bunting, burlap and some sort of reclaimed timber. If you’ve got the materials but are short on rustic party ideas, you can do some online research or brainstorm with your bridesmaids over a glass of bubbles - the possibilities are endless!

Beautiful rustic decorations mean something else wonderful: rustic engagement photos! If you don’t want to hire a photographer or designate a friend to snap pictures, you can set up a photobooth and a digital camera on a tripod. Go hunting for a rustic vintage frame and rustle up some props to add even more fun! Your guests will love a chance to let their hair down and you will adore all the fun memories to keep after the event (did someone say engagement scrapbook?). 

Rustic engagement party decorations set the scene for other elements to follow, like rustic engagement cakes or even rustic engagement rings. To truly commit to your theme, visit a vintage clothing store prior to your party to find the perfect dress. Rustic engagement party ideas are often determined by the venue you choose. Country party ideas for a fairy lit barn engagement can vary from a soft afternoon garden feel to a late night soiree. Let the location influence the atmosphere at your rustic engagement party - things will naturally fall into place when you add the right decorations.

If you want to carry the rustic theme through to your wedding as well, follow up your vintage engagement invitations with rustic thank you cards, and rustic stationery for your wedding, including your save the dates, wedding invitations, RSVP cards, and on-the-day stationery like menus, signs and orders of service. We’ve got all the rustic stationery you could need to tie your engagement and wedding together from beginning to end.