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Why choose photo Christmas cards?

We’ve all received hundreds of Christmas cards in our lifetime and the chances are that they’ve all blurred into one by now. Are there any that got put up on the fridge for longer than a few weeks or were saved from ending up in the resting place of most greeting cards (the rubbish bin)? Probably not many, because there was nothing to make them stand out. Christmas photos are the perfect way to make your Christmas card template special. Instead of just jazzing up your Christmas cards with photo inserts (photo insert Christmas cards are when you print photos and pop them inside your cards), why not make your photo the main feature of your cards? Browse our collection of Christmas photo card templates to find something that you love today. 


One of a kind

The kind of thing that sticks around is a unique photo Christmas card. Making your own photo cards with Paperlust is the best way to get a one of a kind custom photo Christmas card: nobody is going to remember another card with a pixelated Santa or some Christmas drinks clipart on it. You could make DIY Christmas cards from scratch, but honestly who has the time to take Christmas pictures to print, print all the photos, stick them to a card, decorate them, hand write them all, then package them up to send out to all your acquaintances? Personalised Christmas cards don’t have to be that hard. Paperlust allows you to fully customise your own Christmas photo card templates. Not only can you customise your colour and other design elements with our online design tool, you can also change the size, text and font, allowing you to really make it your own. Looking for Christmas card design ideas? We have options for red or green, floral or geometric, digital printing or real foil, traditional Christmas cards, modern or retro Christmas cards, Christmas postcards, DIY xmas cards  and more - and that’s all before you’ve even started customising! This way you won’t have to worry about another family having the same holiday card as you. Can’t find something that’s quite right? We can create a completely custom merry Christmas card template just for you.

At Paperlust, we offer premium quality Christmas prints, delivered express to make your Christmas simple. A reputable company like ours offers all the trimmings - complimentary envelopes, incredible customer service, and super fast shipping. Why take the risk on free printable photo Christmas cards when quality service and peace of mind are just a click away.

Christmas card picture ideas

Okay, so Christmas cards with photos are great - but what Christmas greeting cards images are right for you? What is there to choose from? Some of the most popular choices include:

  • A Christmas-themed family photo

  • An unthemed family photo

  • Pet photos

  • A photo from a big event that happened during the year (e.g. a wedding)

  • A Christmas-related image (Christmas pictures for cards might be something like last year’s Christmas tree, Christmas lights, ornaments, a nativity set, or some beautifully wrapped gifts)

  • Holiday or vacation snaps

  • If you’re interested in photography, a shot you’re proud of

  • A scan or photo of a drawing or artwork

Your xmas cards images will always be as unique as your family is, so do what resonates most with you! If picture-perfect, smiling happy xmas photos aren’t your style or seem a bit cringe, you don’t have to go for a stereotypical posed shot. If you’ve got an idea that’s not on the list, we can make it happen: just provide us with the image.


Funny family Christmas cards, not cheesy  

When looking for Christmas card photo ideas don’t feel like you have to be limited to traditional images of sweet matching sweaters or reindeer ears. Search the web and wrack your friends’ brains for creative Christmas card photo ideas. If you have kids, get them involved in the brainstorming. What better way to incorporate your family’s personality than engaging their interest? A photocard allows you to incorporate humour through Christmas images for cards instead of having to rely on cheesy limericks or bad puns (although being lame is what makes puns funny!). Funny Christmas photos cards are a great way to stand out from the slew of greeting cards crowded onto people’s mantel piece each year. What makes a funny Christmas photo? That’s completely up to you! Maybe funny Christmas family photos in matching ugly sweaters are your style, or maybe something that references an in joke with friends and family would work best. The best place to look for funny Christmas card photo ideas is often within your own family (specifically your kids or pets) and what more can people ask from a holiday card than an ‘aww’ moment or a good laugh? And if you need some inspiration, you’ll find all the funny Christmas card ideas you could ever need online.


A good keepsake

Still not convinced about Christmas cards with photographs? Customising a Christmas photo card template is a great way to show off your growing family (if you have one) and the best photo cards form valuable keepsakes for years to come on the fridges of grandparents (who often aren’t on social media) and family members who live far away. Think of our website’s online design tool as your very own photo card maker - without all the risk of a standard Christmas card maker that gives you more control than you really want. When you’ve got professional designers double checking all your work, what can go wrong? Family photo Christmas card ideas can vary considerably but if you are sending the cards out with keepsakes in mind, make sure that everyone’s face can be clearly seen and aren’t obscured by some festive prop. Who else will benefit from a Christmas photo card keepsake? You. So get your scrapbook ready…

Another great way to create a keepsake by choosing Christmas cards with photos is to choose a photo or scanned Christmas image of an artwork you or your children have created. Ask them to create some Christmas card drawings, and use them as the foundation for your season’s greetings. If getting them to create special Christmas drawings for cards is a bit of a big ask for such a busy time of year, consider choosing a drawing or artwork they created through the year instead. There’s no rule that it has to be Christmas themed!


Choosing the perfect picture

The right photo for your Christmas cards depends on the theme you're going for, and who your Christmas cards are being sent to. A simple family photo or photo of your kids or pets is a popular choice - after all, the most hassle-free Christmas images for your cards are photos you already have! Others want their picture to be more Christmas themed. If that's what you're after, consider looking through your Christmas party images, either from this Christmas or from a previous year. The perfect Christmas party picture for your card might be one of all your friends partying, or it could be a shot of all the gifts under the tree. Whatever xmas party images inspire you are fine - there are no rules!


Make it happen

Can’t quite find what you want in any of the templates you’ve seen? Create it yourself! Aussie Christmas is hardly a white winter wonderland so what better way to stand out than to take some fun Australian Christmas photos of your family playing beach cricket or camping in the bush? Stop searching for a broad range of Aussie Christmas cards that don’t exist and use your creativity to show your love for this great country of ours.

Add a little Aussie with Australian Christmas photos

Looking for a theme for your Christmas greetings images? One of the most popular choices we see is to feature a classic Australian Christmas picture. What makes Aussie Christmas photos? Think pictures of Christmas day stubbies, family holidays, beach cricket or Dad in a santa hat and speedos. Of course, you don’t have to choose stereotypically Aussie merry Christmas images. Your version of Australian xmas images won’t necessarily be the same as someone else’s, and that’s the whole point of personalised Christmas cards, and the chance to include your own photos!


Free photo Christmas card templates can seem like a good idea at first glance, but they don’t offer the same customisation or quality that a luxury brand like Paperlust guarantees. A DIY online photo Christmas card maker can only take you so far, but if you’re after something a little more luxe, it’s time to call in the professionals. Christmas photo card ideas are endless and you are only limited by your imagination. So get your family onboard and think up a Christmas card that will be remembered for years to come!