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Tea party bridal shower invitations

Tea party bridal shower invitations are an extremely popular choice for brides planning their bridal shower. Historically, a bridal shower was held as a kitchen tea: a bride’s female friends and family members would gather for tea in her home to give the bride kitchen items and share recipes and advice for marriage and pleasing her husband. While this has become a less common practice, bridal showers are still commonly held as a high tea or tea party in keeping with tradition. There’s just something fun and feminine about a tea party, and it also has the benefit of being perfect for a mid-afternoon gathering. This saves you from planning a full dinner, or leaves your evening free for a hens party to top things off.

The design for tea party bridal shower invitations may include motifs like teapots, cups and saucers, tea bags, plates of cakes or biscuits, scones, cake forks or other things from the tea party. It could also include traditionally girly design motifs: bows or ribbons, floral embellishments, lace, and similar. Pastel colours are extremely common, along with lots of white and other neutral colours. 

All our tea party bridal shower invitations are completely customisable using our easy on-site design tool. You can make changes, drag and drop and see how things look in real time, which is always far better than ticking some boxes, placing your order and crossing your fingers. Once you’re done, one of our designers will make some final tweaks to make sure everything’s perfect, and send you a final proof to approve. Once you’re happy, we go to print, and you will have your finished invitations in your hand in no time. 

Your order of tea party bridal shower invitations supports local independent designers, which is a win-win if you love design. You get stunning invitations, and you support the industry.