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Girls Birthday Invitations

As a child, your birthday is one of the most exciting times of year, especially if you’re having a birthday party with all your friends. The process of picking out a theme, some food, and cute girls birthday invitations is almost as fun as the party itself! At Paperlust, we offer a huge range of girls birthday invitations for you to choose from. 

From the very young - 1st birthday invitations and 2nd - right through to older children - 10th or 12th birthdays - and even teen girls, we’ve got a huge range of designs perfect for anyone. 

If you’re interested in digital print (standard ink on paper), we’ve got plenty to choose from, but if you’re looking to really make a statement, we offer a number of premium print types to choose from. Some of the most popular include white ink, metallic ink, print on wood, photo cards, letterpress, real foil and raised foil. 

No matter what theme or style your little girl’s party is going to be, we have girl invites to match. Some of the most popular choices include floral , pink, white or sparkly invitations, and princess or fairy themes. Of course, not every girl likes the same thing, so we’ve got a huge range of different types to choose from. 

All the girls birthday invitation templates available from Paperlust can be easily tweaked using our unique editing tool, which lets you move elements of the design around on the page, put your own information in, and make changes to fonts and other details of the design. You can then save your design to return to another day before you commit to purchase. After purchase, one of our professional designers will take a look to make sure everything is perfectly lined up and ready for print. 

Once you have chosen the perfect birthday girl invitations, other cards can be added to your order for the perfect party. This might include RSVP cards and other information cards, thank you cards to send after, gift tags for your lolly bags and party favours, or things like signs and menus that can be used on the day to create a cohesive flow through the whole day. 

Not looking for girls invitations? We also offer boys birthday invitations, along with gender neutral options, and invites for adults. Not planning a birthday party? We’ve got other types of stationery too, like wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, and Christmas invitations.