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9th birthday invitations

Every age is exciting for a child, because it marks increasing independence and ‘growing up’. 9 is no exception! Turning 9 means the last year of single digits, and puts kids right in the middle between being a ‘little kid’ and moving into the teen years. Of course, that’s something to celebrate! Kick off the perfect celebrations with 9th birthday invitations from Paperlust. 

Our 9th birthday invitations are created by independent designers throughout Australia specifically for kids. They are imaginative and fun while also being beautifully designed: perfect for people who know that things don’t have to be ugly just because they’re for kids. Purchasing from Paperlust supports local designers, which is a win-win for people who love design: not only do you get top quality print design, but you also get to support the industry you love. 

Whether you’re throwing a big family party with a range of ages present, or you’re having a whole bunch of kids from your child’s school, sports team or church, we’ve got 9th birthday invitations that will fit your event. They come in all levels of formality, and all different styles for parties with any theme. Some popular choices for 9th birthday party invitations include superhero birthday invitations, footy or soccer birthday invitations, sleepover birthday invitations, and horse birthday invitations. 

All our 9th birthday invitation designs are completely customisable, using our intuitive on-site design tool. It’s easy to drag and drop, resize and delete elements of the design as you put in your own details.