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80th Birthday Invitations & Party Invitation Cards

An 80th birthday is a major milestone, and whether it’s your birthday or the birthday of a loved one, you want to celebrate it in an extra special way. So if you're planning to invite friends and family to help you celebrate 80 years or are putting together a celebration for a soon-to-be 80-year-old, Paperlust can help you find the best way to share the details of the event with our 80th birthday invitations collection. We know how hard it can be to come up with good 80th birthday ideas, and we think that finding 80th birthday invitations you love is the best possible starting point to open up the floodgates on the perfect 80th birthday party ideas for dad or 80th birthday party ideas for grandma. Once you’ve got an invitation chosen, it will help guide you on other planning details, like choosing an 80th birthday theme or selecting your 80th birthday decor. 

Paperlust also brings you other important birthday stationery like rsvp cards and thank you cards, from both well-known and up and coming graphic designers and artists, so you can get your full 80th birthday stationery suite in one place. 

The big 80 birthday is a big deal, which means an 80th birthday party is a big deal! Not everyone is lucky enough to make it to their 80 year old birthday celebrations, so it’s something to make the most of. 

Looking for ideas for 80th birthday parties? You’re in the right place! Whether you’re looking for birthday ideas for 80 year old woman or for an 80 year old man, there’s tons of options to choose from. Some of the most popular choices include: 

  • A simple family meal in someone’s home
  • Dinner out at a restaurant
  • A picnic
  • A family cruise or vacation
  • A party themed around a key decade in the life of the guest of honour (e.g. The 30s, 50s or 70s)
  • A party themed around somewhere the guest of honour lived (perhaps they immigrated from England? Why not host a British-themed birthday party?)  

Obviously not all of these ideas for 80th birthdays will be right for everyone. Your best choice will depend on your own preferences and situation. The best 80th birthday party ideas for mom might be different depending on whether she’s fit and active or on bed rest in a nursing home, and whether all the family lives nearby or whether you’re all spread across the globe. 



In addition to our 80th birthday party invitations, we offer a variety of other party invites, including 18th birthday invitations, 21st birthday invitations, surprise birthday invites and more. Our stationery is more unique than what you'll find in stores, and all of our party invites are customizable invitations that will be printed just for you in any one of a number of available print types such as letterpress, foil stamp and beyond. Browse through our unique selection of 80th birthday party invitations and you’ll be sure to find an invitation that is the right fit for that special almost 80-year-old. 

We can also help with greeting cards, which would work perfectly as 80th birthday cards, so you can find an 80th birthday card that’s perfect for your friend or family member. So we’ve got you covered, whether you’re throwing your own party or attending one for someone else. Now all you need is to find the right 80 year old birthday gifts, and you’re set! 



Our 80th birthday invitations collection includes an unbeatable selection of unique, beautiful designs and happy 80th birthday images. Looking through our vast selection of 80th birthday party invitation templates you’ll find invitations available to fit any kind of personality or person, whether the party is for him or for her. We bring together birthday invitation ideas from everywhere with designs from artists in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Each invitation card is an original design, making it as much of a work of art as it is an invitation card. With our 80th birthday invitation templates, you'll be sending out party invitations that are special and unique, just like the man or woman who is anticipating the arrival of his or her birthday. A unique birthday invitation design will also go well with your unique ideas for 80th birthday celebration: a vintage invite design to match vintage 80 year old birthday party ideas, tropical invite design to match beachy ideas for 80th birthday party celebrations, and so forth. At Paperlust, we’ve got invitations to go with any 80 years old birthday ideas. 



Shop the 80th birthday invitations collection here at Paperlust to discover our incredible selection, and choose the invitation you like best knowing that we’ll take care of the rest for you with ease. We can even help you decide what information and wording to include in your invite, too; our 80th birthday party invitations wording examples are available to help inspire you to create an invitation you’ll love. Here, you'll not only find a wide range of designs styles like shimmer birthday invitations and formal birthday invitations, to name a few, so you're guaranteed to find the perfect party invites. This makes everything super easy for you, and leaves you with time to focus on finding great 80th birthday gift ideas for grandma!