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6th birthday invitations

Birthdays are so much more exciting for kids than they are for adults: every year older is significant, and brings them more independence and responsibility. This results in kids counting down to their birthdays, adding ‘and a half’ onto their age as soon as possible, and saying ‘almost six’ when there are still months to go until their birthday. That makes it so much more fun to throw a birthday party for a child than for an adult! 6th birthdays are no exception, and it all begins with the best 6th birthday invitations

Some of the most popular 6th birthday invitation designs include mermaid birthday invitations, fairy birthday invitations, animal birthday invitations, unicorn birthday invitations, pirate birthday invitations and jungle birthday invitations. Make your choice based on the interests of your kid, and the theme of the party itself (if there is a theme), as well as your taste for the designs themselves within each theme. All our invitation templates are completely customisable, so if there’s something you’re not sure about in a design, just chat with our team. 

Our 6th birthday invites come in a huge range of print types for all tastes and budgets. Digital prints are the standard choice, but there are also choices like white ink, metallic ink, print on wood, real foil, raised foil, and letterpress. Different print types come with different costs, different time periods for print, and other pros and cons, so read about your options for print types and choose which works best for you. 

Our 6th birthday invitations ship all around Australia for free, as well as New Zealand and other countries around the world. Our shipping is fast and reliable, and we have a friendly and helpful customer service team to make the whole process completely hassle-free.