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11th birthday invitations

There’s nothing quite as exciting for kids as their birthday: a whole day just for them, with all their friends and family members, and their favourite foods, and gifts! It’s no wonder it all seems magical. Even the non-milestone birthdays are worth celebrating for kids, including 11. A great 11th birthday party, just like every other party, starts with selecting the perfect 11th birthday invitations

Choosing the best 11th birthday invitations should always start with a knowledge of your child, their interests and personality, along with knowledge of the party itself and what the day is going to hold. Who is being invited? Is there a theme? How formal or casual is the party? What is your budget like? All this information can lead you to the perfect invitation for your needs, and one that your child will love.

You might start by looking for an invitation that fits with a certain colour palette: maybe your child loves green, or you know you’re going to be having a navy and blush pink colour scheme for the party. Alternatively, you might start looking for a particular theme: dinosaurs, mermaids, animals, princess, superheroes, etc., with the colour palette as a secondary choice. These are the two best places to start to find something that’s perfect for the occasion. Once you’ve selected a design, you can choose your print type and make other tweaks and changes. 

Doing things in this order is the best way of guaranteeing you end up with the perfect 11th birthday invitations!