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Pink And Gray Baby Shower Invitations

Pink and gray baby shower invitations can suit a casual or formal celebration for the upcoming arrival of a baby girl. You can prefer light tones of gray and pink along with elements like stripes, polka dots, or flowers for a casual event. However, if your celebration requires formality, you can have a dark gray stock and white ink letters with elements like lace, feathers, and bows. 

When you order your pink and gray baby shower invitations through Paperlust, you get to personalize the wording with our editing tool, where you can add important information like the name of the mom-to-be, location, date, and hour of the baby shower. You can include a custom backside with a map of your venue or extra information like your registry. 

Paperlust welcomes special requests to change the color, font, and design elements. You can select your print type and envelope. And you can also contact the design team for any major changes or to create one unique design. Paperlust ships globally; production can vary from 3 to 17 days depending on the print you choose and the quantity. Shipping takes 2 to 4 business days, and it is free on orders over $300.00 USD.