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Lovely lavender baby shower invitations with range of designs available

Lavender is more than a beautiful color; and it is a flower with a unique and delicious perfume. If you are a fan of the color or the flower, you should incorporate it into your baby shower invitations. Lavender baby shower invitations can suit well both girl or boy celebrations, and you can even host a gender-neutral gathering if you choose not to find out the gender of your baby. 

Your decoration should remain delicate and soft; just like lavender, you can adjust the style for a casual or formal celebration. For example, a casual baby shower invitation could have a color stock and a discrete greenery design, and lavenders. Or you can prefer lavender stock and white ink to make it unique. 

For a formal baby shower, lavender can suit well too. With a simple and elegant design with lavender colors or flowers. The formality of your event should not only be reflected in the style of your invitations but also the wording. 

Every Paperlust design can be customized to meet your needs. You can use our editing tool to make small changes like font and color and add your event's information. For bigger modifications of a current design or to develop one from zero, you can contact our design team and request a special order. Choose the paper you prefer from the wide variety Paperlust offers.