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Cheap Baby Shower Invitations

Throwing a baby shower is fun and exciting, but the costs can quickly add up if you forget to keep track of them. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s a good idea to think about saving costs at all different stages of your planning. Cheap baby shower invitations are the perfect starting point, and they don’t have to be tacky! 


The best way to get beautiful, classy baby shower invites on a smaller budget is to focus on choosing simple things but doing them well. It is better to spend your money on a basic baby shower invitation that is of a very high quality than to track down too-good-to-be-true prices on fancy print types. Buying the cheapest invites from a reputable business will always be a better choice than spending that money somewhere questionable. With a premium business you are guaranteed premium quality invitations, and a premium buyer experience (fast, reliable shipping, responsive customer service, ongoing support etc.)


The easiest choice to make for cheap invitations is to choose digital print cards. Digital print is by far the most affordable option available. Other print types like white ink, metallic ink and photo cards can also be affordable. Options like real foil, raised foil and letterpress are more expensive. Be wary of companies offering these for crazy low prices: they can peel or be unaligned when done on the cheap. You also risk ending up with something that looks nothing like what you ordered!  


At Paperlust, we offer free shipping around Australia and to select countries internationally to help keep your costs low! We also include luxe, premium envelopes for free with your order, which is great for people looking for cheap baby shower invitations. No hidden costs, yay! 


Cutting down on the number of cards you order can help you keep costs low, but sometimes you just need extras, especially RSVP cards and thank you cards. Luckily, we can also help you find cheap options for other parts of your stationery to keep your costs low on every front. 


By working with a reputable company like Paperlust and choosing affordable options, you are able to access designs from some of Australia’s top designers without breaking the bank. This is great news for people who love print design and want to feature it as part of their baby shower.