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Spring buds - baby shower invitations
Heather P.
Real Foil

Spring buds - baby shower invitations

by Heather P.
Spring buds - baby shower invitations
as low as USD $1.69 each
Spring buds - baby shower invitations
Heather P.
Digital Printing

Spring buds - baby shower invitations

by Heather P.
Spring buds - baby shower invitations
Spring buds - baby shower invitations
as low as USD $1.41 each
Baby Brunch Girl - baby shower invitations
Christie E.
Letterpress & Digital
Digital Printing

Baby Brunch Girl - baby shower invitations

by Christie E.
Baby Brunch Girl - baby shower invitations
Baby Brunch Girl - baby shower invitations
as low as USD $1.01 each
Warm Hello - baby shower invitations
Inggrid H.
Digital Printing

Warm Hello - baby shower invitations

by Inggrid H.
Warm Hello - baby shower invitations
as low as USD $1.01 each
BUSH BABY BLUE - baby shower invitations
Nicole D.
Digital Printing

BUSH BABY BLUE - baby shower invitations

by Nicole D.
BUSH BABY BLUE - baby shower invitations
BUSH BABY BLUE - baby shower invitations
as low as USD $1.01 each
Twinkle Twinkle - baby shower invitations
Jacqueline L.
White Ink

Twinkle Twinkle - baby shower invitations

by Jacqueline L.
Twinkle Twinkle - baby shower invitations
as low as USD $2.46 each
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Baby Shower Invitations & Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Every event leading up to the grand finale--your baby's birth--is just as exciting as the rest. You have already announced your happy pregnancy, and now the time has come to have a baby shower so that you can share the excitement with your nearest and dearest. Invite everyone you care about, be it family, friends, and even coworkers, to attend the shower with baby shower invitations and baby shower cards to make from Paperlust. We provide the best baby shower invitations Australia has to offer from the most talented Australian independent designers.

With our baby shower cards, there is no end to the options you have laid out in front of you in the way of creating completely unique baby shower invitations. For both genders including baby girl shower invitations, or baby boy shower invitations, twins and neutral options you can find an array of fun styles to choose from. This includes different styles like princess, tea party, summer and picnic themes. If you prefer to reveal the gender at the party, you can still spice up the baby cards by picking different design styles like pretty, adorable, cute and sweet themes.

Whatever you choose to do for your baby shower cards, you may pick to print them in a number of ways like digital baby announcement cards, letterpress, foil stamp and metallic prints. This way, you can be sure that your cards are as unique as your child, giving your guests a taste of the bright personality that is sure to come. What's more, you can include other beautiful stationery like - baby announcement cards, baby shower labels and baby shower invitations in your mailings to really entice your guests to attend the shower.


What to include on your baby shower invites?

When choosing your baby shower templates (for yourself, or if you’re organising a baby shower for a friend) you should think about the baby shower invitation wording and what information you need to include on the invitation. It’s up to you how many details you want to include on the invites, just make sure you don’t leave any crucial information out. Some main details to keep in mind in regards to your invitations are:

Who to invite to baby shower? Consider who to invite to baby shower. Think about the size of shower you want when thinking about the guest list. Do you want something small with just family and close friends or are you happy to invite people from work or extended family members for a larger scale baby shower party?

It’s then a nice touch to individually address each invitation to your guests for a special touch.

How formal or casual the shower is? If you want to set a certain dress code, make sure to include that on the invite so it’s clear for everyone what kind of shower it is. It’ll make it easier for your guests as well.

The baby shower invitation design you choose can help you to reflect the level of formality expected at the shower.

Where? Is it at someone’s house or at a venue? Make sure to list the address even if you think people might already know, it’s better to be safe and cover all bases just in case.

When? Once you’ve decided to host a baby shower you need to decide on the date as soon as possible and then send out the invitations soon after, you could also send a baby shower save the date card. Be sure to give guests a few weeks’ notice at least so they have time to get presents and make sure their schedule is clear. You should also consider the ‘when’ as in what time of day you will host your baby shower. Will it be a baby shower brunch, afternoon tea, dinner, or something else? This choice might be affected by a number of different things, such as the availability of your venue, the amount of time you need on the day to prepare, or the food you want to be able to serve (food for baby shower afternoon tea events tend to be quite different from that for brunch).

Is there a theme? If you want people to follow a particular theme, either with presents or anything else it’s worth making mention of it on the invitation.

What can people expect? Will there be games? Activities? You don’t have to list this of course, but it doesn’t hurt to mention by including something like “come along for some fun and games with the mum-to-be”, so guests will have an idea of what will be involved on the day.

Do people need to bring anything? If people need to bring anything with them, eg, food, drinks, presents be sure to include that on the invite.

RSVP. Set an RSVP date to ensure you get the number of guests attending as soon as possible so you can make preparations for the shower. Make sure you make it easy for people to RSVP by including a phone number or email address for people to easily get in contact.

Once you know what information you need to incorporate into your baby shower invitations, you can think about how to say it. Your wording might be casual or formal, and you could even incorporate poems for baby shower invitations or other fun, creative text options. 


Picking a theme for your baby shower invitations

When choosing the invitations for a baby shower something to ask yourself first is: Is there a theme to your baby shower?

Some people if they already know the sex of the baby might choose a colour theme, or they might just prefer to go neutral if the baby’s gender is a surprise. Paperlust have plenty of different colour options to choose from, and then you can also choose something minimal and plain or something patterned, like polka dots, stripes or even the ever popular gingham checks.

Or maybe animals or cute characters are more the style you’re looking for we have some beautiful, cute baby shower card designs to choose from. If it’s a colour theme or a particular pattern, you can choose the invitation that matches, and if you are wanting gifts to follow on the same theme then you should also include a note about that as well.

You baby shower invitations can help set the tone of the shower. Through the baby shower invitations images (which may include illustrations, patterns, photos, or even baby shower clipart girl, boy or gender neutral), and colours, you let guests know what to expect. 

You can have a lot of fun with the theme of your Australian baby shower invitations, and you don’t have to just stop at the shower invites. There are plenty of cute baby shower decorations out there to suit every style of baby shower, from balloons, streamers and even party favours, maybe the theme even matches the style of the baby’s room. There is also a great range of baby shower thank you cards to match in with your invitation.

Whether you’ve already chosen your theme or the invitations chooses this for you, from our beautiful designs you’re sure to find something you love that will help make your baby shower extra special, you can read more about party invitation templates here.


Should you use baby shower invitation templates?

Many people look for alternatives to professional baby shower invitations in hopes of saving some money or just going for a more DIY look. One of the most popular options people seek out is baby shower invitation templates, or printable baby shower invites. A baby shower invitation template allows you to download an existing design and use either an online tool or a common program like Word or Pages to add your own information and details to the invite. You are then responsible for printing your own baby shower invitations, or using the template as a digital baby shower invitation to be sent via email. 

These designs are usually available for purchase, but sometimes you can track down baby shower invitation templates free. Free baby shower invitation templates are more likely to be more difficult to customise and of a lower design quality, but y’know: free! Paid baby shower invitation templates are a good compromise because you can sometimes find them for under $20, as electronic baby shower invitations you can print from home. Not only does this give you a bigger range of designs to choose from, but it usually gets you some level of customer service support and of course, allows you to support your designer!

Whether you’re considering free baby shower invitation templates or paid baby shower invitation templates, remember that this is not the only money you will need to set aside for invitations. When creating your budget, remember to factor in other associated costs like good quality paper stock, appropriate ink for your printer, envelopes, envelope inserts, postage, and the time required to actually print and put together the invitations. We have a range of cheap baby shower invitations here if you are on a tight budget. It’s also a good idea to factor in a margin for error: you don’t want to break the bank just because you misjudged and ended up having to reprint your invites. At the end of the day, it is possible to save yourself some money by making use of online baby shower invitation templates, but you need to plan carefully and have plenty of time available (and the necessary printing skills), so make sure you take everything into consideration before you make your decision!


Baby shower etiquette

Now whether you’re the one throwing the baby shower or you’ve been invited to one, there are a few things you should know about what’s expected on the day from what to wear, to the gifts, to what will actually be involved on the day.

Now it’s generally not the mum to be's job to host the shower, usually that role is taken on by a close friend or family member, whether they have offered or the expecting mother has asked them. When choosing the invitations and planning the details of the shower, it’s a good idea for the person hosting it and the expecting mother to work together to get the details just right, then on the day all the mum-to-be has to do is sit back and enjoy the shower.

Something else to think about is whether the baby shower will be a women-only event. Customarily it has been usual that baby showers are seen as a women’s party, but these days it is becoming more common for men to be invited. It’s something to think about depending on what kind of baby shower you want, as inevitably the presence of men will change the style of the day. But if you want men to come along then, include them in the fun.

Whatever you decide, make sure you send your invitations out about 4-6 weeks prior to the shower. If you’re sending your baby shower invitations Australia wide (or even further afield!) you should definitely allow more time for postage to make sure your guests have plenty of notice.

Baby showers can be one of those events that if you’ve never been to one before it can be difficult to know what to expect, so here are some other aspects to keep in mind. For more baby shower ideas check out our latest article on great baby shower ideas and games such as bingo.



Gifts are non-negotiable when it comes to baby showers. Other than of course celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby, a baby shower is an opportunity for friends and family to help out the new parents with some gifts and baby necessities.

If you show up to a baby shower and don’t bring a gift expect to potentially not be invited ever again. Even if it doesn’t specify on the invite, it’s expected. If you can’t bring a gift with you for whatever reason, at least bring a card and send a gift at a later time. You don’t need to buy anything expensive, just something thoughtful.

Usually something practical that the mum-to-be can use with the baby, like a toy or piece of clothing for the baby are very acceptable gifts. Anything baby related you bring is sure to be highly appreciated.


Writing baby shower card messages

Found your way here because you’re looking for advice on how to write in a baby shower card for a friend? Take a look at our article here on writing baby shower card messages. We also sell greeting cards, which are perfect baby cards to make your message stand out. 



While there is no hard and fast rule that there have to be games at a baby shower, it is the general norm that there will be a few baby related activities that everyone is expected to take part in. This does usually take the form of baby shower games. But, of course, if you don’t want to have any games for baby shower activities, you don’t have to! If you are thinking of including games though, your options are almost endless. Whether you’re looking for baby shower games for boys baby showers, baby shower games for girls baby showers, or if you’re keeping the gender of your baby under wraps, there are games to suit. 

Planning games might seem intimidating, but often the best baby shower games are also the most simple baby shower games. Even better? Free baby shower games tend to be some of the most fun to play. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, start with free baby shower games printouts that you can find online, or other baby shower invitation ideas for baby shower games free. That way you can get a feel for some ideas without shelling out money at this stage. Even if you don’t find a particular printable that you like, you might find a particular game idea that you can then find available as a paid baby shower games printable resource. 

Some of the most fun but easy baby shower games are prediction-based baby shower guessing games like guessing the baby’s sex, name, birth date, weight, eye and hair colours, and similar details. You can find printouts to help with this, or keep it simple with paper and pens. Of course, modern Australian baby shower games can also incorporate technology, so you could have guests vote or guess using their phones. 

There are a number of funny baby shower games that will be hilarious and fun to some people, but cringe-inducing to others. These include guessing smells of things wrapped in a nappy (if you’re playing Australian baby shower games) or a diaper (if you’re international), seeing who can drink milk the fastest out of a baby bottle, or competing to see who can change a dirty nappy (again, if your baby shower games Australia based) or diaper on a doll in the fastest time. If these sound fun to you, go ahead! If they aren’t for you, no problem. Check out our list of cringe-free baby shower games. Remember to choose your games with an awareness of who is going to be attending. If all your guests are shy, you might want to skip anything too embarrassing, and if you’re having a coed shower, consider what baby shower games for men might work.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to the tried and true popular baby shower games. Feel free to come up with your own unique baby shower games instead of feeling limited by baby shower game templates. 

If you do decide to host some fun baby shower games, just remember to have some prizes for baby shower games lined up to make winning worthwhile. Chocolate, lollies or other food treats are always a good option for prizes, but gift vouchers, trinkets, flowers, and other things are also popular. Base your prizes on who is attending and think about something all guests would be glad to win. 

Not interested in baby shower games? Consider offering entertainment, whether that’s in the form of conversation starters, music, a movie or even video games. Another activity that is popular but isn’t a game as such, is the baby shower photo booth. You can order a professional photo booth, or simply put up baby shower backgrounds, like some baby shower wallpaper or other decorations (a baby wallpaper pattern like bottles or onesies is a popular choice) and let people take their own photos on their phones or cameras. 

When accepting a baby shower invitation be prepared to get involved in any baby shower games, because it is likely to be considered rude if you attend and then don’t join in (unless you have a really good reason). The games and activities involved in an Australian baby shower are usually designed to be silly and fun, so why not take part? If you do decide not to participate, be polite and an enthusiastic observer, or opt to go and get some things done in the kitchen while the game is in progress. 


Location and Dress Code

The location of the baby shower can do a lot to tell you what kind of shower it will be. If it’s at someone’s home, generally that means it will be more of a casual event, if the shower is being held at a venue, whether a restaurant, park or a party room, it will dictate more so what the dress code might be and if it’s a slightly fancier event.

Unless it is specified on the invitation as to what kind of dress code is expected, then take your cue from the location, just be aware that even if it’s a casual home affair you should still dress nicely for the occasion.



There are lots of different details that go into planning baby shower stationery, and the invitations are just the first of them. Choosing the right baby shower invitations can seem troubling, but this is made easy with Paperlust's wide selection of invitations and cards. Whether you’re looking for twin baby shower ideas, samples of baby shower invitations, or baby shower invitations that can be edited (all our invites can be easily edited using our on site design tool). If you can’t find anything right for you on site, consider using our custom invitation design service  and we’ll design a baby shower invitation from scratch just for you. We’ll create baby shower invitations geared perfectly to your own event and your own tastes.  

Contact us at for help getting started! And also check out our great article here on Trend Forecast: Top five baby shower invitation trends in 2017 for examples of baby shower invitations we love.

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