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Vintage Baby Shower Cards

The vintage look is really in; so if you’re into that old time feel and look, but you need to announce the impending arrival of your, or someone you love’s, little bundle of joy, look no further than one of these beautiful Vintage Baby Shower Card designs nautical baby shower invitations, funny baby shower invitations, sweet baby shower cards and personalised baby shower invites from Paperlust. You should be able to reflect your or your guests, personal style, even in something as simple as a baby shower invitation, so Paperlust offers you these lovely vintage card options for old souls. Made locally in Made locally in Australia and New Zealand, you know your cards will be made of excellent quality, created quickly, and arrive faster than you could get elsewhere.

Choosing a design can be tough; from design to colours you want to make sure it’s all just what you want. Well guess what? Paperlust lets you, not only choose the design you love and enter your information into it, but lets you truly customize your baby shower card with the ability to change not only blue, green, pink and red colour, but the print your information is printed in, like digital baby shower invitations, letterpress baby shower invitations, foil stamped baby shower cards and print on wood baby shower invites too. Choose your design, customize it, and even use that design on other stationary products, such as wedding invitations, christmas cards, engagement invitations and birthday invitations, if you want; with Paperlust the possibilities are almost endless.