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Nautical Baby Shower Invitations

A nautical theme is quite commonly used throughout the world of new babies; in nurseries, on clothes, and with Paperlust even on your baby shower invitations. These incredible Nautical Baby Shower Cards available from Paperlust are not only lovely, they come in so many different design styles, such as the modern baby shower invites, funny baby shower invitations, custom baby shower cards and personalised baby shower invitations, you’re sure to find a theme close to your water-loving heart. Not to mention you can get these designs on other quality Paperlust products like the wedding invitations, rsvp cards, christmas cards and birthday invitations too!

All of Paperlust’s amazing Nautical Baby Shower Cards are created locally Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Sunshine Coast, so you know they know what the ocean is really about, and offer designs that show it. Once you’ve chosen your design, simple decide if you want to keep the colour scheme as intended, or if you’d rather choose another colour like black baby shower invites, blue baby shower invitations, green baby shower cards and pink baby shower invitations from our incredible colour options. Then make sure the print fits your style, if not, you can change it too digital cards, letterpress, foil stamped and print on wood. No matter whether you choose to personalize it from top to bottom, or use a Nautical Baby Shower Card design as is, you won’t get better quality and price than Paperlust. 

Nautical themes are timeless. You can find inspiration in many details related to the sea, from mermaids to sailors and sea creatures. A nautical-themed baby shower can suit both baby girl and baby boy celebrations, and even a gender-neutral baby shower for those couples who wish to keep it a surprise. 

For nautical girl baby shower invitations, you can add details like mermaids, starfishes, pink details, whales, and anchors. And you should not feel limited by pink colors; you can add aquamarine, red, peach, purple, and metallic finishes. 

If you are looking for nautical baby boy shower invitations, navy blue and white are classic colors, and you can also add red, baby blue, and perhaps yellow. Boats, lifesavers, anchors, whales, and stripes are some of the elements you can look for in your invitations and decorations. 

When you find the perfect Paperlust design, it is time to customize the wording by adding all the important details of your baby shower, such as the date, time, location, and registry information. You can choose from many print types to suit your style, like digital printing, real foil, and letterpress. Plus, you can share the design on social media or email it to your friends. 

While customizing the wording, you can add nautical related phrases like: 

  • Our little sailor will soon arrive. Join us to celebrate. 

  • A baby girl is on its way, anchors away! 

  • Sail straight to celebrate our baby is on its way.