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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Fall Baby Shower Invitations

Fall-themed baby shower invitations are beautiful and perfect for a baby girl o baby boy. They can include beautiful earthy colors like orange, brown, burgundy, yellow, different shades of green and red. Images like pumpkins, leaves, and woodland animals are suitable for this design. Depending on the formality and style you are trying to achieve, you can go for a minimalistic look with white stock and soft colors or a dark stock along with bright orange and red. 

The beauty of fall baby shower invitations is that they adapt to any level of formality and gender. You can even have a gender-neutral baby shower if you prefer to find out later the gender of your baby. If that is the case, we recommend choosing a simple design with orange or green as your main color. 

When you order your baby shower invitations at Paperlust, you can customize all the invitation details and change the font type, size, and color. Resize elements or discard them. You can also add a special request to make changes and personalize a current design. And we have options for every budget, and if you are planning a baby shower under a tight budget, you can choose our digital print, which is the most affordable with a high-quality finish. Or you can save 15% by ordering three items. 


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