Trending now: Floral Print Wedding Stationery

Floral Print Wedding Stationery

When choosing flowers for your wedding the sky’s the limit. There are white roses, pink peonies, elegant orchids, blue hydrangeas or an extravagant mix of all the finest. The list is endless.

The same can be said for your wedding stationery and of course the paper of all paper for the day – the wedding invitations. Paper has no bounds. With the rising trend of floral or botanical print stationery you can maintain the same theme through every step of the wedding.

Wedding invitations can establish your wedding style. From the first save the date invitations to the final thank you cards, your guests know what they are in for. It is ideal to start planning your wedding set six months to a year before so you can make sure every last detail ties in.

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From gorgeous letterpress designs, subtle watercolour to traces of foil stamped leaves, the floral wedding stationery trend is timeless. So when you look back at your wedding mementos in ten years you can rest assured that you didn’t get swept away with a phase.

Unlike traditional floral stationery, floral designs are now inspiring a range of leading and emerging designers in Australia.

Most associate the floral planning with the bride, but that’s no longer the case with floral wedding invitations. Floral designs and continuously becoming more gender friendly with designs that aren’t too ‘girly’.

This can be achieved by choosing a black and white colour scheme.

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You can include bold fancy lettering an intricate design at the bottom. Your wedding theme remains effortlessly elegant. This leaves room to incorporate floral arrangements of any colour or even simple creams and whites.

Blue invitations are currently trending with Prussian blue and cornflower blue signifying romance, emotion and musicality.

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When you are open to colour you can’t go wrong. There are many rainbow designs to suit each and every wedding and means that you can have a wonderful bouquet with pinks, purple blue and of course healthy greenery.

With an array of diverse colours you can also have a little fun with the envelopes with a lush like green interior or a splash of burnt orange.

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If you have been gifted with a little creative flair you may want to add your own floral pattern to your wedding invitations. This works well with the more rustic designs on recycled cardboard paper. This method ensures that every floral inspired invite that you mail out is personal and unique.

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The vintage trend remains steady, this year vintage and floral are merging to create a new vintage floral genre which can be personalised to the couple.

Couples are now in search of the ‘dated look’ which can be achieved through watercolour or decreasing the saturation of pigment to get a faded design. The faded botanical design can emulate a 1920s cascading blooms.

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This trend allows for a lot of flexibility as it stands out from the crowd and moves away from the popular Pantone colours. New digital technologies leave room for an endless supply of colours.

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