Tips For Perfect Wedding Paper Goods

Perfect Wedding Paper Goods

With all the many details that go into planning a wedding, many people do not give enough thought to the paper goods needed for their wedding. They arrive ready to order the perfect wedding invites, but there are RSVP cards, thank you cards, menu cards, escort cards, save the date cards, and envelopes. There are many choices and these details have a great influence on your wedding. The majority of your guests will see nothing of your plans until the invitation arrives. The invitations are the first impression of your special day. Of course, they need to be perfect. Below you will find some expert tips to help you through this part of your wedding journey.


The price range on your paper goods is very wide. You can easily get overwhelmed and overextended. The smartest way to prevent this is to hire a designer. Your designer is an expert at getting you the product you want at a price you can afford. Paper goods cost less per piece when ordered in quantities. You do not want to order more than you need, and you certainly do not want to order less than you need. Set your budget with the help of your designer and stick with it. Be open-minded. If you simply love a particular pattern, say so. But remember, trim work, sparkles, and extras will drive the price up.

Come prepared. Give the designer all the information such as, the number of guests being invited (bring the complete guests list). The dates, times, and special arrangements that need to be included. If you are using a Honeymoon Registry the information should be included. If your plans include crowdfunding for special causes or charities, include this on the information cards. The designer will know how to get all the critical information tastefully included.

Timing / Dates

Your guests will need their invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding. Therefore, you should meet with your designer, ready to place an order no less than two months before the wedding date. If you wait too long, you may have to pay extra to get the paper goods you want. Further, if there is a problem in getting the invitations mailed, your guests may be unable to properly schedule.

Create your impression carefully

As mentioned before, the invitation (or save the date card) is the first impression your guests have of you, your wedding, and your ”brand”. While everything about the wedding should reflect you as a couple, the concept goes a bit deeper with your paper products. If your wedding is a formal event, yet your invitations depict a casual affair on the beach, your guest are caught off guard. The opposite is also true. If your invitations are elaborately formal, yet the wedding is a more casual event, people will arrive overdressed and uncomfortable. Be sure your style is reflected in your paper goods and so is the atmosphere of the event.

Your Appointment

Browse the designers website and choose a few designs you are fond of. When you begin your consultation, this is a starting point. He or she will have options you have not considered, but with the many styles available, a starting point is going to save both of you time.

The designer will spend time with you, getting to know your thoughts, feelings, and personality. Allow them the time they need. They are working to make your wedding a perfect event. Answer their questions, and do not be shy about asking yours.

The paper goods for your wedding are important. Follow these tips and feel comfortable that the details are all taken care of.

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