Weighing up an Evite Save The Date

Sending your friends and family save the date cards is the first formal step in announcing your wedding day. Of course, you probably excitedly called your nearest and dearest and posted on social media as soon as that sparkly diamond was on your hand. 

The save the date card lets your guests know the date you plan on getting married and that a wedding invitation will follow after you’ve settled plans like venue and timings. They will mark the date in their calendars and keep it free. 

Evite save the dates are a modern, efficient and fast way to make the announcement. You can design the card online and email it to loved ones in one easy click. The other way is printing the card and sending it in the mail. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both methods to see which one might be best for your big news. 

E-save the dates versus physical mail 

Evite save the dates have many advantages to printed and posted save the dates. 

The first major plus to sending evites is the speed. Once you have approved the card proof, your guests can have your save the date card within minutes. You probably have most people’s email addresses already, so the card can be delivered to inboxes within moments. There is a slight chance of some going into junk boxes, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on who has acknowledged the message. You can also send evites over social media like Facebook messenger or WhatsApp chat. 

If you post the save the date cards in the mail, it can take three days to three weeks or more. There’s always the chance of mail being lost or damaged. 

Do we really need to send a save the date card?

These days some couples skip save the date cards and just send the invitations. If you are feeling like you aren’t sure about sending save the dates, here are some points to consider:

Save the dates build excitement and anticipation for your wedding day. Why not create some hype around the best day of your life? People love weddings and there are not many events in life more fantastic than a wedding. 

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Save the dates let people know early when your wedding will be. Many people live busy lifestyles and will appreciate knowing your wedding day asap. For some, they will want to start shopping for outfits and shoes. For others, they will be grateful to know in advance about the date so they can decline other invitations or responsibilities that might land on that day. For example, people with jobs that require travel or work weekends will always be pleased to get a save the date card while their calendar is still free.

You don’t risk someone else in your circle setting their wedding date on the same day if you were first. If you are getting married on the weekend and in the summer, there are limited time slots, and if someone takes your day, it will be frustrating. Get in early with a save the date evite. Giving dibs on the date makes your intentions clear and is socially polite. 

So while a save the date card isn’t essential, you can tell there are many great reasons to have one. A digital save-the-date card is quite easy and effortless to create and send out. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, we think save the date cards are the best!

Free versus paid, but does emailing the save the date make you look cheap?

Another wonderful feature about digital save-the-date wedding cards is the cost. It is free to send evites. Apart from the cost of buying the design, which through Paperlust is wonderfully affordable, it is free. When you send a traditional save the date card, you need to factor in the cost of printing and postage. While printing and postage are not expensive, the costs do add up when it comes to weddings, and if you are having a large wedding or have guests overseas, those costs can creep up. If you are looking for the most inexpensive way to send save-the-date cards, evites are the way to go. 

You might wonder if it makes you look cheap. The answer is no. Emailing save the date cards doesn’t make you look like a cheap skate.

We are living in modern times and it is normal and trendy to send a save the date evite card for your wedding. If you scroll through the gorgeous designs on this page, you will see nothing cheaply looking about what your guests will receive. The elegant and chic designs look luxurious and expensive or stylish and minimalistic.

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These days the thought that might first come to mind is that you are being eco-friendly and environmentally conscious by sending digital save the date cards. While that is true, you might not realize how eco-friendly our printed options are also. We are proud of our strong environmental credentials and proactive ways we care for our planet such as planting a tree for every order. You can read about how we consciously strive to protect our world here.

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Finding an e-save the date that matches your physical stationery 

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If you have already decided on your wedding day theme or color palette, it will be easy to match your save the date card with your physical stationery. 

Your physical stationery could be the wedding invitation and complimentary stationery that you send together with the invite, such as envelopes, maps, information on pre and post-wedding day events and other relevant details. 

It can also be stationary guests are giving on the wedding day such as programs, place cards, menus and thank you cards.

Let’s say you are that wonderful early bird bride or groom who knows the date, but other details are still unfolding. In this case, it’s best to keep your save the date invites basic. With beautiful fonts and meaningful wording, it can still be a stunning piece of sentimental wedding stationery. You can add the gold embossed lettering or the rustic greenery designs later. 

Black and white is timeless and classic and will be cohesive with any design you might choose later. Adding a photo of the two of you to the save the date card is a modern and fun way to present the news. Also, it won’t matter what style or design you go with later for your physical stationery, as photography will match anything from feminine pastels to funky bright colors. 

As you can tell, there are many great reasons to send your friends and family an evite save the date card, so they know when you intend to tie the knot. Look through our lovely designs and check back often because at Paperlust, we are always in creative mode with new designs coming out soon.

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