Everything to know about Stamps For Wedding Invitations

Stamps on wedding invitations can add a splash of color, personality, elegance and character. 

You probably want to make sure your wedding invitations are dressed to perfection including stamps since you put so much thought into effort into your beautiful wedding invitations. 

Mailing Wedding Invitations

Here is the lowdown on wedding stamps for invitations, including cost, appearance and options so your wedding day stationery suite is pure perfection.

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USPS Changes Regarding Stamps

We admit our romantic hearts were quite sad when the US postal service ended their custom wedding stamp options. We loved seeing stamps featuring engaged couples photos and pretty stylized stamps with little details like wedding dates and blessings adorned on them. These tiny pieces of paper art were just so quaint and beautiful. Thankfully there are other options for wedding invitation postage stamps that are also lovely. 

Custom Rubber Stamps

Custom rubber stamps are one way to add a tasteful and unique look to your envelopes for your wedding invites. You can order them online and buy ink pads in a variety of colors at any stationery store. You can also make save the date postage stamps using the custom rubber stamp method. You might even want to start collecting them and put your personal stamp on all mail once you are newlyweds. 

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Many companies offer stamp templates, so you can add your names, wedding date and other info that can fit in the small space you get on a stamp. Round stamps look classic and give a subtle nod to the shape of a wedding ring, symbolizing eternity. Rectangle or square shapes might be more your style. Designs can include circles, lines, flowers, geometrical shapes, symbols, and of course, text. You really can get creative when it comes to stamps for wedding invitations. 

Also, custom rubber stamps are good for the environment.

Beautiful Vintage Stamps

Vintage stamps on wedding invitations add an old-world charm that we can’t get enough of. So you might be wondering why to source vintage stamps from. 

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USPS has a collection of vintage stamps for wedding invitations which you can check out online or see at your local post office if you want to get a real sense of what they look like. You can also buy unused vintage stamps online at crafty and arty sites like Etsy. It might be hard to find enough matching stamps, but an eclectic stamps collection is just as good. Buy some extra stamps to have on hand for your photographer, who will love to use them for styling details shots. 

The beauty of vintage stamps evokes memories of childhood, history, culture and much more. A popular stamp for wedding invitations is one that looks pretty and can be tied into your wedding theme. It can be the color, an image related to love or an object you plan to incorporate into your day, like flowers, butterflies, birds or greenery. A collection of three of four different stamps can look charming. Stamps with watercolors and calligraphy seem to have a romantic vibe are just perfect for a lovely occasion like a wedding. 

You can also use vintage stamps for your save-the-date stamps and any other mail you send relating to the wedding day. 

Gorgeous vintage stamps also show your wedding guests how much thought you have put into creating the invitations, which translates into how much it means to you to have them attend your best day ever. We are sentimental about stamps for many reasons! 

Postage for wedding invitations

The cost of postage stamps for wedding invitations has risen many times over the years. Here is an approximate cost for sending a standard-sized envelope (190mm x 130mm envelope) these days.

Within the US: $1.60 USD

Within the UK: £1.15 GBP

Within Australia: $1.10 AUD

Save the Date Stamps

Here is the cost for a 116 x 142mm sized envelope for save the dates.

Within the US: $1.60 USD

Within the UK: £1.15 GBP

Within Australia: $1.10 AUD

We adore the idea of stamps for wedding invitations, including custom rubber stamps and vintage stamps. You might even find a collection of stamps at the post office that fits your day perfectly. The alternative is the post office might put morning or inappropriate stamps on your envelopes or, even worse, a black stamp that looks far from pretty. Your wedding invitations deserve the kiss of a pretty stamp.

We hope this article has inspired you to add some gorgeous stamps to your wedding invitations to enhance the beautiful Paperlust products. We think stamps are the perfect way to complete your exquisite wedding day stationery because the details and finishing touches are so important. 

Your wedding guests are going to be even more excited about you tying the knot when the mailman arrives with this very special delivery from you both!

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