Planning an 18th party (or attending one!): your 18th birthday ideas

your 18th birthday ideas

Turning 18 is one of the most exciting times in your life, and for many people, hunting the internet for 18th birthday ideas becomes a hobby during this time. When your 18th birthday party is approaching, making sure that you have the perfect party and the most original 18th birthday party ideas is extremely important. For a lot of people, the 18th birthday is one of the most important milestone birthdays of all, since it represents a child finally moving into adulthood. It’s a wonderful moment, and it has to be celebrated the right way. This is why people are always on the hunt for the best 18th birthday ideas.

When planning an 18th birthday party, you need to think about the following things:

Find a theme for your party

Not all 18th birthday parties are the same, and what sets them apart is typically the choice of 18th party ideas for theme or activity.  If you want your party to stand out, just give it a nice spin with a cool 18th birthday theme ideas. You might choose a theme that extends only to your decor and aesthetic, or you can choose an activity for your party to revolve around. Some 18th birthday ideas for themes include  include colour themed (black and white, red etc), pattern themed (stripes, polka dots etc.) or something like around-the-world themed or carnival themed. Some ideas for activities include glow in the dark fun, geocaching treasure hunts, Hogwarts adventures, etc. Of course, you should adapt your theme and your activities to your interests. If you love certain types of music, you can create a dance or trance party, or you might choose to host a video game or board game party. If you love it, your friends likely will too. Be creative with your 18 birthday party ideas, and follow your instincts.

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Identify the right spot for the party

Finding the best spot to host your 18th birthday party can be a little tricky. You can choose to have your party at home, but you may be sending out a lot of 18th birthday invitations and a house can fill up quickly! While many of your guests might be ok with a night at the club, you are probably also going to have some under-18s at your party, so a licensed venue may not be appropriate either. So where should you have your party? A restaurant or similar venue might work, or you may opt for a day at the beach, a paintball party, or another activity-based location. There are tons of options and ideas for 18th birthday venues to choose from, so be creative. If you do want to host your party at home, always talk with your parents first, and if you’re planning to go to a bar or other venue that serves alcohol it’s a good idea to ask about their age policies.

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Send a custom 18th birthday invitation

Once you’ve got a theme and a venue you can pick a date and send out your 18th birthday invitations. Choose an 18th birthday invitation that reflects the theme or just the ‘feel’ of your party: an invitation can ooze black tie charm or laid-back casual picnic vibes. Choose something appropriate to the style you are planning to ensure your guests get in the right mood. Customise your birthday invitations to make sure they completely matche your preferences. There are tonnes of 18 birthday ideas for customising your invitations. You might change the colour palette or print type, tweak the design, or even include a photo of yourself on the invitation.

Word your 18th birthday invitation

The words you put on your birthday invitation are almost as important as the design you choose. From fun phrases and birthday invitation quotes to grab attention through to the actual nitty gritty of the key information itself, it’s important to choose your words properly to express your personality and set your party apart.

Your birthday invitation messages should clearly communicate all the information your guests need to know to be able to attend the event. We have a handy guide to birthday invitations messages, including birthday invitation message samples to choose from to make things easy for you.

Remember that it’s okay to get as creative with your birthday party invitation message as you do with the other plans for your birthday party, as long as all the important information is included.

Rent DJ services for party vibes

Obviously the entertainment and food you choose for your party are two of the most important features of your 18th. Hiring a DJ is a very good idea if you’re going for a traditional ‘party atmosphere’. Music is key to setting the mood, and a DJ will know how to read the room and play the right beats to keep the party popping all night. If a DJ isn’t in your price range, consider asking a friend to do the honours. Your 18th ideas for music and entertainment are crucial to the overall success of your party.

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Once you’ve got these key features locked down, it’s time to think about food, drinks, decor and other elements of your day. With a theme and venue in mind, the rest often follows on logically and decisions get easier as time goes on. The big, overarching 18th birthday ideas lead you to come up with your own smaller 18th birthday ideas to be part of the bigger vision. Enjoy the research stage as you browse Pinterest and tumblr party ideas, and know that it only takes one or two good 18th birthday party ideas to make everything come together perfectly. Hopefully the ideas listed above will help you get the ball rolling to create a party you will love!

Bonus: 18th birthday card ideas – 18th birthday quotes and 18th birthday messages

Perhaps you’re looking for 18th birthday ideas but not for your own party: you’re looking for ideas for 18th birthday quotes and 18th birthday messages to put in a card for your friend or family member hitting the big milestone. What you write in your birthday card on this special occasion will often be held onto for years to come.

Including 18th birthday quotes in your card can help you communicate something profound or funny without struggling to come up with the words yourself. For some ideas of 18 birthday quotes to include in your card, check out our list of birthday quote selections that you can borrow from. Everyone from literary geniuses like Shakespeare and Marcel Proust to comedians like Mitch Hedberg are quoted, so there’s something for everyone.

Once you’ve got some 18th birthday quotes chosen, it’s time to add your own personal 18th birthday message. We put together this guide to birthday greetings and birthday messages to help you say what you want to say without stumbling over the words. Whether you’re trying to write 18th birthday messages for boys or 18th birthday messages for a girl, we’ve got something to help. Use our guide to make it easy to write meaningful messages for 18th birthday cards anytime you need to.

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