Paperlust Says ‘Yes!’

Paperlust Says ‘Yes!’

Paperlust has long been a supporter of marriage equality. We love love, regardless of what that looks like.

Gay and lesbian couples are currently excluded from marriage in Australia, which means their love and committed relationships are not treated the same as those of straight couples and they do not have an equal status under the law. We believe this needs to be changed.

We know how beautiful and significant marriage is, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy it. There’s nothing like a life with the person you love by your side, and the gender of that person shouldn’t make a difference.

Marriage equality will give individuals the freedom to make their own decisions about who they spend their life with, without interference from the law. It will take nothing away from the religious freedom of those who oppose it, but it will restore and uphold the freedom of those who do want to be married to someone of the same sex.

At Paperlust, we believe that this issue should have been addressed a long time ago, in parliament. Instead, we now face a plebiscite which is non-binding. We hope Australians will take this opportunity to send a clear message to our politicians, and ask those of you who believe in equality to join us in doing so.

The right for anyone to marry their partner, regardless of gender, is a step toward a world that is a little more equal, inclusive and free from discrimination, and we hope it’s a step that will be taken as a result of this survey.

Ballot papers will start arriving in the mail from September 12, and you will have until November 7 to post them back. Please don’t miss out on the chance to make your voice heard on this issue.

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