Top tips: finding a unique venue for your event

unique venue for your event

Staring at the blank page when beginning to plan your event can be daunting. You know there are at least 20 things you need to decide on; the who, when, how and how much? The best place to start though, is the where. Wanting to find a venue outside of the norm, one that your guests have never seen before doesn’t need to be a stressful exercise. Get started on the right foot, by following our top tips for finding a unique venue for your event.


Write a shortlist of must-haves.

When finding a unique venue for your event, a solid first step is determining what you classify as ‘unique’. This can be as simple as “somewhere that’s new”, or “a venue with a nice view”. ‘Unique’ can mean whatever you want it to. Then, work out what’s really important to you. Do you want somewhere in the city, by the beach, or surrounded by greenery? Roughly how many people will be there? What’s your absolute price ceiling?

Once you’ve worked out the concrete requirements, you can go about finding a unique venue that will set your event apart from all others.


The internet is your friend

Blogs, website, publications – there are plenty of resources online to help you locate unique venues. Take inspiration from blog posts about previous events. Read about venue showcases in publications by the events industry. Using a website like Venuemob can help you to cut out hours in Googling and scrolling. You can input your specifications, like budget, capacity, venue type (including unique venues). Drawing from the more than 3500 venues on the site, you’ll be given a list of venues that match your criteria. You can even enquire with the venue from the site, all the way through to booking. Simple!

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Think outside the box

It may sound cliched, but this is a dynamite place to start when you’re finding a unique venue.

Whether you’re planning a private social event, or corporate extravaganza, you don’t need to play by the rules.

Want to host a corporate event with a focus on the activity? Work your way backwards! There are venues out there that offer activities as varied as dolphin feeding, indoor skydiving, you can even hire out an entire theme park.

If you’re not into formal set menus or canapes, consider holding your event somewhere where a couple of exclusively booked food trucks can roll up. If you’re a nature lover, opt for a marquee in the grounds of a garden, by a beach or in a field somewhere (check with local councils first, of course!). Even if you simply see a space that you think, “That could be good,” it doesn’t hurt to ask! You’d be surprised by the type of venues that actually cater for events. Museums, zoos, warehouses, even aquariums often offer tailored function packages.

Of course, you want to ensure your guests have a good time. Go one step further – what do you want your guests to be talking about the next day?

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Blank is beautiful

The most unique venues can be those that are covered in your personal touch. Blank spaces, such as galleries, halls, marquees and warehouses are a great option for those with a healthy creative streak. Venuemob has quite an extensive list of blank canvas venues. Going full-on DIY can be a lot of fun. Decorating, lighting, AV – anything that the space allows for, you can design and choose. The beauty of using a blank space is every touch and flourish you add will really pop and draw focus.

If you’re worried about your guests going hungry or thirsty – don’t! You can either utilise blank venues that catering companies exclusively service, or you can look for a caterer that will come to you. Any catering company worth their salt will go over everything with you, and help tailor your menu.

It’s important to remember though, that DIY isn’t necessarily a cheaper option. Bricks and mortar venues have the advantage of being able to purchase in bulk, have established equipment, or are able to negotiate lower rate with contractors due to repeat business.


Once you’ve found your unique venue, that’s the hardest part done. From there, each element will begin to fall into place. And soon, you’ll be enjoying your event with your guests, and the planning process will seem like a distant memory.

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