How to: DIY Photobooth For a Modern Style Wedding

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If you think that your guests should have their own little memories to take away, an awesome idea is to create your own photo booth. By building your own photo booth you know that everything is exactly how YOU want it, at the end of the day that’s the only thing that matters! You can even send out a perfect photo thank you card to guests after the big day!

No tacky red velvet curtains or mainstream props… It’s time to have fun!

So here we have the traditional photo booth on the left, it looks like a lot of fun, but the concept is a bit tired and lacks style. So instead, it’s time to get creative. Theme it! You can create props out of of flowers to compliment your  bohemian themed wedding, or maybe coral crowns if you are having a beach themed wedding… the ideas are endless.

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Creating a classy photo booth

STEP ONE: Get  your or a family member’s Ipad or Ipad mini and download a photobooth app that you would like to use. We found the ‘My photo booth app’ which allows you to customise your own backgrounds and text of the print outs.

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STEP TWO: Get an extra attachment for a tripod you currently have to hold up an IPad, or you can buy tripods which are specially made for Ipad’s if you don’t already have one.  There are some Ipad stands available at the Apple Store for around $35.

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STEP THREE: Buy a compatible photo printer or use one you already have as well as printing paper for each of your guests images to be printed on.

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STEP FOUR: Set up a big wooden frame with strings (like a clothes line) and buy small pegs so that your guests can pin their favourite photos up for everyone to see. Don’t forget, you will have digital copies of each photo taken stored on your Ipad so that you can keep them forever and make scrap books, photo albums or really cool photo

Thank You cards from Paperlust®.

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To make your photo booth more individual, you can create step-by-step signs or small vintage blackboards like those pictured below or use some colourful sharpies and coloured cardboard to design your own signs for ‘Take photo here’, ‘Printing Station’ and ‘Pin your photo here’.  Big letters are always a nice addition as well as to spell out your names or the date of your wedding.

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Colorful Modern

Having a table dedicated to photos and memories could also be a good opportuintity to have a wedding guest signing book for all of your guests to sign in the process.

My Photo booth set up Tutorial:

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