Eight ways to light up your wedding décor, inside and out

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Fairy lights and tea lights can provide a foundational aspect to decorating your wedding. With a little bit of creativity you can incorporate simple lights into the theme of your wedding day. We have complied various ideas and tutorials to keep you busy.

Egg Carton Fairy Lights

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Photo: Buzzfeed

Yes! ‘Egg carton’, you read that right! To create these lights all you need is an egg carton, scissors, paint and a paintbrush. Adding your favourite colour or even the theme colour of your wedding can be a great personal touch. We love how the illumination from the light creates an ombre colour effect.

Dixie Cup lights

These Dixie cup lights are perfect for an outdoor wedding (with good weather of course).

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Photo Source : diyordont.blogspot.com.au

Jam jars

Rustic wedding anyone? This style is all about going back to basics. We know jam jars are awesome (and great for drinking out of at hipster bars) but who would of thought they could look this great filled with water, floating tealights and straw ribbon.

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Photo Source: buzzfeed

Photos and Lights

To give your wedding a romantic yet fun environment, why not allow your guests to peg Polaroid photos (you will need to have a polaroid camera on hand) to a string of lights.

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Photo Source: buzzfeed


Light, luxurious and lacey. Match your lights to you wedding dress with pieces of tulle or lace tied in bows around the lights. For more about how Mallory creates these beautiful lights visit her blog.

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Photo Source: prettyquirkypants.com

Paper lanterns

Lia was inspired by Spring in creating these paper lanterns but we think these can be used for weddings across all seasons.

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Photo Source: Lia Griffith

Glitter tea lights

If you are stumped for table decoration ideas glitter tea lights in gold or silver could help brighten up every table. Wedding Star provide the perfect tutorial.

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Photo Source: Wedding Star

Anyone for a game of ping pong?

Hmm, maybe not at a wedding, but that’s not to say they can’t be used as decorations!

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Photo Source: Hummingtonpost.com



Egg carton fairy lights


Dixie cup lights


Jam jars


Photos & lights


Paper lanterns


Glitter tea lights


Ping pong lights


This is a cute idea too:

by adding tape onto the outside of tea light candles for decoration.



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