10 Beach Wedding Theme Invitations to Love

Beach Wedding Theme Invitations to Love 13

Beach wedding theme invitations can be hard to love. If there aren’t starfish in every corner, there will be too much blue and yellow. There can also be that blurring between Tropicana, nautical, even under the sea. Where’s the line?

We think that the key to Beach Wedding Themed Invitations is maintaining that relaxed tone you want for your wedding. Let those lines blur and don’t be afraid to stick to your guns on the things that you really, really like. If that means that there has to be star fish and swathes of blue, then make sure they’re done well. We’ve found a couple that find the perfect balance, although we’ve also found some beach themed things that made us want to cringe.

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Watercolour done well can be quite subtle. Here, the standard blue is lost in the stroke variation and brush tip that fills in the texture of the paper. We like the idea of a silver foil press, even a curling wave typeface if you can’t let that traditional beach theme go.


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This is another example of subtle watercolour. We think the effect of the colour, shape and typeface is relaxed but chic. Contrasted by something to make this green-blue stand out, the colour scheme could easily carry over into the wedding day itself.


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Okay, this isn’t strictly beach themed. Or Tropicana. Or nautical. Still, we think this is appropriate for a beach themed wedding because of the repeated round shape that might be a wave. Or, in a different colour it might be any number of things, which is a nice way to keep things understated.


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sourced: http://camillafrancesprintsposts.tumblr.com/

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sourced: http://camillafrancesprintsposts.tumblr.com/

These are all colour and maybe a little Tropicana but why not? We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: we love Camilla Frances! With a bold serif typeface in a contrasting colour, the wedding invitations can be hung up as art, not just on the fridge.


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A common trap with nautical is that blue and white sailor stripe. This invitation set has escaped by playing by using soft colours and simple nautical symbols.


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Under the sea can often be quite busy. This under the sea wedding invitation uses all the symbols, with an understated blue that doesn’t overwhelm those essential wedding details.


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This coastal scape could easily have gone wrong: another colour scale and it would look too much like an over filtered Instagram post. As it is, the muted colours of this image are perfect. The circle in the middle is a good way to bring text out of the image.


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sourced: http://invitationsbyajalon.com/blog/theme-wedding-invitations-designs/

Show where you’re getting married with an image of the place. To avoid the sun bleached photograph, be inspired by this invitation and try an illustration.


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We stumbled across this one and started to wonder why we hadn’t thought of a seaside inspired invitation that uses bright colours and gives room for a fun font. We especially love the pale grey dots of sea spray around the edges.


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sourced: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/208361920230588261/

Here is an idea for an elegant Beach Wedding Theme Invitation to Love. After some hunting around, we founf something relatively simple and effective that creates an elegant feel.


  • Don’t use sand. At all. In any way. Your wedding is not a life insurance advertisement, so a footprint at the edge of the ocean isn’t really appropriate. The same way you’re probably not dragging out just any old outfit, you shouldn’t go dragging out stock images.
  • Don’t try doing everything at once. While the lines between Tropicana, nautical and under the sea will blur, they don’t always belong together. Pick one.
  • Don’t fall into the traps of beach wedding invitations throughout time (those yellows, blues and dropped anchors). If you can, make your beach wedding invites as personal as you can.

Still not sure about choosing some of the details?


If there is only one thing to take away from these beach wedding themed invitations, it’s that your colour options shouldn’t be limited to just colours of the beach. What is important is how you use colour to customise the invitation to match what you imagine for your wedding.

If you choose the right colours when you design your wedding invitations, you’ll save yourself the trouble of having to think about it again when it comes to details for the day.


The obvious choice for a beach wedding invitation font is a decorative script that follows the shape of a wave.

There are also some fun fonts that use the water and sea life for inspiration. Personalised fonts are also huge if you’ve got the time. Done well, you can even use it for all future correspondence as a couple (not as strange as it sounds, promise!).

Why not use those great fonts from big surf brands that defined so many beach side memories, like Billabong or Roxy. These are great decorative fonts! Especially if this beach themed wedding is going to be loud and a little bit retro.

It’s important to consider what you want to achieve with your wedding invitation design. A decorative font may clutter and distract from the colour or images you’ve chosen. In this way it might be better to go back to basics: a simple, clean font.

There’s still room to be creative though, don’t feel like you have to default back to Times New Roman because your images are bold. This kind of thing is hard to do on your own, it’s better to get a designers input to resolve all the possible pitfalls for custom wedding invitations (people spend their whole lives learning and making an art of design, take advantage of that!).


Once you’ve got the perfect design, the beach wedding invitation wording will just come naturally.

A casual wording style for your beach wedding invite is a pretty easy fit for the barefoot-chic day you’ve probably got in mind.

(Template for how to write casual beach wedding invite)

Her name & His name,

Together with their parents, (optional)

Invite you to celebrate their wedding on the beach





The RSVP card is essential. Not sure if you need one? Read our guide to Wording Your Wedding RSVP Card

When it comes to the beach themed RSVP card, carry over the general design from your invitation but think about how you want to use language.

You’re probably not going to use formal language,

Accepts with pleasure/Declines with regret

A casual wording style is probably best for a beach wedding. Keep it short, just in case you change your mind.

Can’t wait/Can’t come



Or, you can try adding some beach related language to your RSVP card. It’s hard to keep it strictly Beach themed (we found ourselves slipping into language from the high sea circa 18th century British India, but you know what we mean). Humour is even harder to keep beach themed.

If words aren’t really your thing, why not try some images that can be circled? You could try the icons for the menu options as well.


The beach theme got us thinking, is a beach wedding possible without seafood? Probably, but you’re at the ocean so you may as well take advantage of what it has to offer. If you’re not by the beach, it’s the easiest way to tie the day to the beach theme you started with your invitation.

Fish and chips are going to match your barefoot dinner. A sit down meal outside on the beach is a little bit more formal whereas tucked inside with silver table ware and wedding place cards to eat the perfectly seared salmon on a bed of formality is something else altogether. The menu card information should reflect what you’ve decided to do on the day.

You may not have decided to include details of the menu with the wedding invitation beyond meat, vegetarian or allergy free options. That leaves the day itself. How do you let guests know what food is available to them? Some people feel like you don’t have to but a simple solution is a menu on each table or placed somewhere that everyone can see, like the bar.

There are also some fun alternatives to a wedding menu card.


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sourced: https://www.pinterest.com/roomsFORrent/chalkboard-typography/

We love this idea. The black chalk board. You’ll have to borrow someone with legible hand writing, but the chalk board is fairly versatile – use it to display the menu or if you think that’s a waste, you could try using it to provide details to guests (saves having to be constantly asked where the toilet is or when the cakes being cut).


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sourced: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/333266441151229455/

This is less an alternative to the wedding menu card and more of an acknowledgement of the art form that is printed paper. Frames can quickly rack up the costs if you’ve got a large number of guests. Like the black board, this is easily positioned somewhere in the room that everyone can see (make sure the font is large enough to be seen over the top of other curious heads). While this frame has been draped with classic flowers, make it beach themed with.


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sourced: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/224546731395037013/

If you’ve gone for a boho beach wedding, this is another idea to add to the ones we’ve mentioned before.

Paper doilies are a little less kitsch if you’ve got something printed on the front. One per guest and it’s a cool keepsake.


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Very cool right? The menu sleeve might be disposed of, but make those chopsticks a personal keepsake for your guests.


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The paper bag of your guest favours can be put to good use with the menu printed on the front or back.


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sourced: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/444026844486944283/

The place cards are also something that can do two things at once – name on the front, menu on the back or printed on the inside. Easy. And a good way to save paper by not having to print cards for every little piece of information.

With all of these alternatives, the most important thing is that the menu is legible for the oldest guests to the youngest.

In the end, a beach themed wedding invitation is essentially the same as any other wedding invitation;while you want it to be a beautiful print object that’s appropriate to the day you’ve planned, the most important thing is that you provide the information your guests need to come and celebrate with you. If everyone asks where you got such wonderful wedding stationery printed, well, that’s just a bonus.


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