Save the Destination: Setting the Scene for Your Destination Wedding

Passport Save the Date Card

If you’ve made the brave decision to have a destination wedding, then you’ll already be up to your neck in planning. There are way too many boxes on your checklist, but remember this: For every flight you have to book, for every hotel you look at, there are a hundred of your guests that need to do the same. Perhaps most importantly, they need to plan ahead so they can take the time off work. Save the date cards for a destination wedding essential (see our extensive wedding stationery checklist if you need help with the others!).  Your guests need ample time to plan for the big day, but the save the date card is also their introduction to the amazing event that is going to be your wedding! It’s time to get them excited: excited enough that they’ll be happy to go overseas for your special day. Here are some creative save the date cards sure to wow!

Flag-Themed Save the Dates:

For the full effect, try a flag on one side, and your information on the other. This one is a great and simple way to introduce the guests to the country they’re heading to. Don’t be afraid to splash out on your paper either; think foil stripes and letterpress stars.

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Save the Date Postcards:

On the rare occasion that I’ve received one, I’ve always thought of postcards as really charming. If you’re doing a scout trip to your wedding destination, why not pick up some authentic postcards from the country! It’ll make your save the date that little bit extra special. Imagine the look on your Nana’s face when she gets one of these beauties in the post. You’ll also save with these ones, as you don’t have to worry about envelopes.

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Smelly Save the Dates

Save the date cards with incense sticks. You read that right, incense. We have five senses, after all. There’s no reason why you can’t add the element of smell to your save the date or your invitation. Is your wedding taking place on the luscious beaches of the Barbados? Or maybe inside the ancient palaces of India. Both of these places are beautiful in their own right, and have a distinct smell. I once received a save the date for a Bali wedding that had incense sticks inside. As soon as I opened the box, I was hooked. It was such a lovely surprise. You could include cinnamon sticks, lavender, ginger, rosemary, garam masala or bay leaves just to name a few. Bind them together with a simple piece of string and send them off with your save the dates; and look forward to your friends calling you up to gush over how original you are.

Bilingual Save the Dates

Write the details in English and the native language of your destination in your save the date cards. Again, you’re giving your guests a peek of the culture that they can discover if they decide to join you on your wedding day. For an extra flair, include another card that has a few handy phrases in the other language. This one also gets points for being easy to organise and cost effective.

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Travel-Themed Save the Dates

A passport as a save the date card! If you want to make the message loud and clear that we’re taking flight, send your guest a makeshift passport (completed with a stamp from your destination inside, of course!). If you’re making a custom design, feel free to include some other small details. For the coat of arms on the front of the passport, add an iconic animal from your destination; an elk for Canada, a tiger for Thailand, a bull for Spain and so on. These details are small, but will be appreciated by those with a keen eye. A map also pairs up nicely with the passport theme. Whether that’s a world map or country map is up to you.

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Remember; this is your wedding! You want to get the guests enthusiastic from the start. A clever save the date will have them waiting on your full invitation. We at Paperlust also recommend that whatever theme you go with for your save the date, you carry on through your invitation and onto the day. It’s also great to finish off with thank you cards.

For more on this, check out our article Why Have a Save the Date?’ And don’t forget that we have some great tips on wording your save the dates. We’ve got you covered!

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