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Destination Wedding Invitations

Couples choose destination weddings for many different reasons. Whether you want an excuse for a micro guest list or you’ve always dreamed of getting married on the beaches of Hawaii, a destination wedding all starts with the perfect destination wedding invitation. At Paperlust, you can choose from the best destination wedding invitation suites on offer, selected from an amazing pool of Australian talent. We pride ourselves on supporting independent designers and know you will love the destination wedding invitations we have to offer.

There’s no one style of destination wedding invitation that will suit everyone - Simple destination weddings call for simple, minimalist wedding invitations. Your save the dates for a beach wedding will be different than for a mountain wedding. If you’re on a tight budget to make the wedding happen, cheap destination wedding invitations might be the priority. You’ll be looking at different styles such as hawaii destination wedding invitations, Nepal or Vegas. So whether you’ve already scoured the destination wedding blogs and are clear on exactly what you want, or are still hunting for inspiration, we can help! 

Destination wedding invitations ideas

At Paperlust we have a huge range of destination wedding invitations templates to choose from with a wide variety of themes and ideas to suit any destination or budget. Boarding passes, passport invitations, postcards from paradise and traveller’s maps are just some of the unique destination wedding invitations you will find on the Paperlust marketplace. 

Want to see what our product looks like in person? You can order sample destination wedding invitations via our sample kit page, just add a request for wedding invitations for destination wedding to the special requests or the design name if you have selected one. 


Boarding pass adventure

If you can’t resist those itchy feet and are planning a destination wedding and spectacular overseas honeymoon, boarding pass wedding invitations might be right up your alley. A boarding pass invite will get your guests excited every time they look at the fridge. We recommend sending wedding invitations for a destination wedding out earlier than standard wedding invites. As early as possible is best, but definitely no later than three months so that your loved ones have time to book accommodation, request leave and save money. 

If you are searching for a ticket wedding invitations template or boarding pass save the date template, you’re sure to find what you need, and all of our designs are fully customisable using our online design tool. Make edits obligation free and see your results in real time. If you like what you see, select it and a professional designer will look it over to make sure it’s perfect before it goes to print.

If you are planning on boarding pass invitations, it might be worth selecting a save the date boarding pass to create a cohesive travel theme for your whole wedding season. Another option is to pair it with passport destination wedding invitations. Why not select all your wedding stationery at once? Choose destination engagement invitations, RSVP cards, destination wedding bridal shower invites, place cards, wedding menus, destination wedding announcements, and destination thank you cards to complete your matching set and save yourself some effort.

Even if you’re not flying anywhere (or only flying domestic), there’s no rule saying you can’t still use plane ticket wedding invites. If you haven’t gotten all the necessary details for your wedding invites sorted yet, don’t worry. You can still reserve your special day on people’s calendar with a boarding pass save the date magnet. Your destination wedding invitations boarding pass style can come in the mail later, because everyone already knows which date to prepare for. You might also consider circulating whatever details you do have by word of mouth, a website or just over Facebook until you’ve got everything sorted and can send your official invitations. 


Postcard from Paradise

Postcard style wedding invitations or save the dates are the perfect choice for a destination wedding! A postcard brings back memories of holidays and travel, or of well wishes sent home from loved ones afar. Wedding invite postcards will attach these feelings to your wedding before anyone’s even gone anywhere or made any memories! Destination wedding postcard invitations can be styled as postcards from your destination (“Greetings from Bali!”) or even from the wedding itself (“From our celebrations at Jess and Dan’s extravaganza”). All our designs are completely customisable, so you can make your wedding invitation postcard as simple or busy as you like, or for a special touch, consider hiring us to create completely unique wedding invites postcards from scratch, perfectly suited to your special day. 


The traveller’s map

Travel themed wedding invitations are an opportunity for creative innovation. Do you want to roll your travel wedding invitations up like a scroll, hire a designer for custom wedding invitations maps or have map themed wedding invitations with your destination country featured? 

Travel themed invitations really could mean anything, so why not make yours unique? Whether it’s camping wedding invitations, fun island florals, mountain wedding, or a stunning beach scene, decide what a travel themed invitation means to you and start customising one of our templates. A travel theme wedding invitation could mean a road trip out into the country for a rustic barnyard wedding or a boat trip to a nearby island. If you were born with wanderlust in your blood, then the travel invite is for you.

The luggage tag invitation is another spin on the wedding travel invite. Whether you keep it simple with black and white or add some colourful flourishes, luggage tag wedding invitations are too cute and will have your guests oohing and ahhing about your wedding.


Destination wedding invitations wording and Etiquette

Destination wedding invites can be tricky to word, but it’s important to be very clear so that everyone is on the same page. There’s far more destination wedding information to convey than there would be for a normal wedding, which is why some people get stuck. Need help with wording for destination wedding invitations? Head to our wedding invitation wording page where you'll find all types of wedding invite messages. If in doubt, consider finding another way to share the nitty gritty information, and keep your invites simple. 


Etiquette for destination wedding invitations

There is a cloud of etiquette surrounding weddings, but the main thing to remember with destination wedding invitation etiquette is simply that the invites should be sent out earlier than usual to give your guests time to prepare. You should also be cautious to make it clear to your guests, either on the invitation or in discussion with them, that it’s fine if they don’t attend. Not everyone can afford to jet around the world for an event, so handle it graciously to ensure nobody feels pressure. Keep those etiquette points in mind, and the rest is up to you.

The wedding invitations for your destination wedding are giving your guests the first taste of a memorable occasion. Whether it’s Mexican themed wedding invitations or Hawaii wedding invitations, your destination wedding can’t be properly announced without amazing destination invitations. Not only can you personalise any of our invite templates, you’ll love our free shipping, complimentary envelopes and customer satisfaction guarantee!

If you are after reception invitations after destination wedding we have a huge range of standard wedding invitations that can be found here.