Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Trends

Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Trends

Laser cut wedding invitations have soared in popularity and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Many grooms and brides are choosing to shop for laser cut wedding invitations online because of the extensive range available, the convenience and the ability to customise. Pulling ahead of the rest are some divine laser cut trends that we want to share with you today. We hope you feel inspiration kicking in as you read.


Tree of Life / Enchanted Forest

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One of the reasons that wedding invitations in the laser cut style are so special is the shapes and pictures you can create with them. The sky’s the limit, from outlines of you and your partner to a favourite place or – as many couples are choosing – the tree of life. Within the enchanted forest/nature theme, the tree of life (or tree of love, as some prefer to call it) is a beautiful symbol of life, fertility, togetherness and growth. These kind of laser cut invites are perfect for rustic, outdoor, garden and spring weddings – not to mention anything exploding with stunning florals!


Modern Gold

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If you think laser cut invites are all about vintage chic or old school style, think again. The foiling craze has found its way onto the laser cut scene and gold and silver features and monograms are truly transformative. They bring a modern touch to a traditional invitation and a hint of glam to an otherwise minimalist design. For laser cut wedding invitations on the cheap side, try a gold, silver or rose gold foil logo containing yours and your love’s initials. Using less of the laser cut technique should help you keep costs down.


Laser cut envelopes

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A laser cut invitation gives you a tantalising peek at the special invitation inside. There’s nothing that says luxe like an intricately ‘carved’ laser cut envelope. Another way to do cheap laser cut wedding invitations is to make a feature out of just the envelope. Research the best price for some gorgeous laser cut envelopes and add a touch of fancy to your main invitation card in no time!


Black and white

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We know that not everyone is into pastels for their big day. Are you like Coco Chanel with the idea that black goes with everything (even a wedding day)? Then the bold contrast of black laser cut over white stock can make your invitation set far less cutesy. The black tones can also be great for gothic, romantic, moody, winter and Hispanic style weddings.


Geometric patterns

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Another way to kick cutesy to the curb is with modern geometric laser cut invites. Personalise your invite to your venue, embrace the glam diamond motif or create an art deco theme for the ideal invites to suit your special day. You won’t regret splashing out on something totally unique to you two as a couple.

There are so many creative variations you can choose with laser cut invites. Brainstorm with your partner about the kind of look you’re going for then don’t forget to do your homework to ensure you’re getting the best laser cut wedding invitations Australia has to offer, at the best price. Happy shopping!


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