Boxed Wedding Invitations: A Memorable Experience

Boxed wedding invitations are the perfect way to add an extra special dimension to the most memorable day of your life. Do you want your invitation set to stand out to your guests amongst the many weddings they attend over the years? Then create a memorable experience for when they receive and open your invitation – their first introduction to your personal wedding style. A boxed wedding invite gives the overall impression of unwrapping a gift – your loved ones will feel honoured that you went to so much effort to include them in this significant life event.

We have rounded up the most popular styles of boxed wedding invitations for this year so that all the stationery inspiration you need is in one place. Check out what’s been making guests ooh and ahh when their invitation arrives in the mail.


Mountain getaway

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Opening a simple yet stylish box to reveal a stunning mountain scene is a great way to receive the details of your loved one’s wedding day. Wedding invitation boxes provide a way to neatly store all the wedding cards and the mountain wedding is a popular choice for this type of invitation. You may even want to commission a hand drawn picture of your wedding location by a local artist to feature on the front of your card.


Classic gold

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Gold has a timeless elegance about it that’s hard to beat. If it’s nothing but the best for you and your big day, consider gold foil boxed invitations for some extra pizzazz. This impressive combination will not only create quite the impact you’re looking for at the ‘unboxing’ but will successfully set the tone of your elegant wedding from day dot. A great way to carry the theme through would be to include gold signage on the day or maybe even gold bridesmaid dresses.


Tropical escape

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Dreaming of a destination wedding? Get your friends and family in the island state of mind with these tropical boxed wedding invitations. They have just the right amount of zest and novelty that a destination wedding deserves, while not going overboard with the design. Destination weddings also typically include more detailed information so the boxed style accommodates this without compromising on looks.


Time to … (garden) party!

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Nothing says refined elegance like a country or garden party theme. Embrace pastel tones, delicate blooms and cursive type to create the ultimate experience for your guests, starting with floral wedding invitations boxes. You can include information cards, an RSVP card with reply paid postage along with the main invite all wrapped up in a gorgeous satin or vellum belly band featuring your couple monogram.


The calligrapher’s touch

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Want the look of DIY boxed wedding invitations without having to actually, you know, do it yourself? Hiring a calligrapher or ordering a boxed wedding invitation set with a calligraphy font is the way to go – giving your invitation set that extra personal touch. The calligraphy theme also works for vintage, minimalist and formal weddings.

While there are many vendors out there selling this product, we recommend doing thorough research before purchasing so you can ensure you’re getting the best boxed wedding invitations Australia has to offer. It’s your wedding – when is going to be a better time to treat yourself? You deserve it!


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