2021 Wedding Invitations Versus Traditional Cricut, Lace and Doily Options

Remember the days of burlap and lace wedding invitations or the sweet doily wedding invites that reminded you of helping grandma make cupcakes in the kitchen on weekends? We have to admit that style was pretty, feminine and lovely back in the day. 

The peak of Cricut Wedding Invitations

Those invitations had an excellent run lasting many wedding seasons and cricut wedding invitations and laser cut lace wedding invitations were trending and reached their peak of popularity around 2015 too. We saw more lace as vintage weddings became popular as it was often worn on everyday clothing as well as bridal wear. 

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Doily & Lace Wedding Invitations

The doily trend followed with croqueted pieces showing up in décor and paper doilies being similar in look but more delicate. Then rustic weddings came onto the scene and burlap was added to invitations and everything else from the name cards to the cake to the chair decorations.

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The evolution of the Invitation to Modern day

But now, we are much more in love with the modern invitations that fashion-forward couples choose that include luxe cards focusing on fonts, paper texture, and stylish design. Watercolors, calligraphy, organic greenery, bold text and summary simplicity lead the way in the wedding invitation fashion stakes these days.

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Modern invitations have transitioned away from the traditional invitations we saw in the burlap and lace days. Couples want more than a pretty, rustic-looking invitation. They have new values relating to individuality, minimalism, natural shades, pops of color, stylish presentation and luxury vibes. 

Styling of the Wedding Ceremony is part of the shift

While it is rare to see an invitation arrive in the mail wrapped in cream lace or adorned with heavy burlap these days, the look is still subtly incorporated into modern invitations. For example, if you do a photoshoot to have images for your wedding stationery and website, you might wear a lace dress like in this photo here. This boho-style dress looks like a wedding dress, but you could also go for other lace colors such as classy navy or seductive red. 

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The gorgeous Rustic Floral Sketch wedding invitation reminds us of lace and burlap in an almost abstract way. The colors certainly are reminiscent of the vintage-looking trend. 

Modern earthy colours

Many couples are choosing brown or tan papers that look like the color of burlap. Organic, eco-friendly and sustainable weddings are in demand and those earthy and natural colors seem to match that theme very well.

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A little more obvious is this Outback Bouquet design that features flowers on a burlap-looking fabric. If you like that distinctive design, you might also like this lace-inspired invitation in those traditional colors or this more mod version called Decorative Lace in blue and gray.

Couples want to express their personality

Presenting unique invitations with a level of surprise is important for many newly engaged couples who are planning their weddings. A juicy tropical pineapple invite or arty black waves invite could never be predicted by any wedding guest. Formal, traditional and sensible wedding invites are not so popular anymore. Couples want to show their individuality and creative souls off at their wedding celebrations right from the first moment, which is when the save the date or wedding invitation is revealed. 

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Minimalism is a look that is popular this bridal season for wedding invitations and wedding stationery and in general for wedding decor, fashion and even food. Invitations that are clean and clear can be seen here. The dramatic and striking effect of a minimalist wedding invitation flows well with the smaller intimate weddings happening this year. You really can’t go wrong with simplicity, and it can also be wonderful if your wedding theme and the color palette are still to be decided. 

Greenery reigns king

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Natural shades from earthy browns to orange and reds right through to all shades of green are turning up in many of our designs. Greenery is so fresh and uplifting. You don’t need to be having a tropical wedding or even an outdoor wedding to incorporate natural green tones into your wedding stationery suite. Orange, red, brown and natural tones are also in style and match the desaturated or muted color photography style many couples gravitate towards. 

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Pops of color are showing up in wedding invitations. Single colors or a complementary combination of colors is being used in the graphics, text or paper used on wedding invitations. Rather than going for a color theme like blue or lavender, couples are broadening the terms used. We hear themes are “elegant with splashes of yellow and pink” or “vintage with hints of blue and gray”. Couples are becoming more sophisticated in their wedding styling and presentation and their wedding invitations are the first reflection of that. 

Stylish presentations are always in fashion. Like champagne and diamonds, we will always hear couples express their wish for wedding invitations that look well-presented and attractive. That is where our designers come in. They just have that magic touch that comes so naturally to them. They can apply it to every kind of wedding invitation, from classy to boho to chic.

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Finally, luxury vibes are here to stay, thank goodness. Every single wedding invitation by Paperlust has an element of luxury incorporated. Whether through the texture of the paper from Europe, the flow of the latest calligraphy font, or the thoughtful touches in the design that makes the whole wedding stationery suite just perfect, luxury is always present.

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