Paper and pricing update

Hi All. 

As you may have read, the coronavirus pandemic has led to major disruptions in a lot of industries. One of the most affected was the global paper and printing industry which saw paper volumes drop by around 55% in 2020. As a result paper mills have cut back production and the added increased strain on logistics have meant that shortages have started appearing in many paper types. As weddings and events start back around the globe what little paper that was available here has in many cases been snatched up, leading to shortages. The mills are also facing restrictions on operation. Put all these things together and we have found ourselves without our lovely cotton stock and old mill as of 23 April 2021. We have enough on hand to finish the final few orders in the pipeline but cannot take any more new orders. 

New Cotton Paper

We have however found beautiful replacement cotton papers manufactured in Germany. The papers come in 300gsm and 600gsm and are soft and gentle, elegant and superlatively thick. They are truly high-end stocks, but that unfortunately comes at a high-end price. As a result we have had to pass on some price increases for our Letterpress on cotton and our foil stamp on cotton stationery. We are working on bringing in alternative non-cotton paper with a great finish that also loves letterpress and foil stamping that we should be able to offer at a better price in the near future so stay tuned. We have also had to remove our premium linen for now but this too we intend to have a replacement very soon. 

Can I see the new cotton paper?

If you have already purchased a sample pack with our old cotton sample and would like to see our new cotton paper to compare, please contact us on or Live Chat and we will send you our samples immediately free of charge.

New colour papers coming soon!

Finally some better news, we have several new colour papers that will be launched over the next few months which we are very excited about. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for the announcements as we expand our colour offerings. 

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