A Look Into Unusual Trends Of Wedding Invitations

Not every couple wants an elegant white wedding that is pretty and traditional. There is a group of engaged couples who have a style that is unique and different. For these sometimes wacky and sometimes way out there love birds, the wedding is a creative opportunity to put their personal stamp on the day, starting with the save the date cards and wedding invitations.

Unusual wedding invitations can cause dramatic reactions from your wedding guests. Some will be hyped to see a wedding invitation like no other. Your granny might be shocked for a few moments, then she will say it’s so typical because she knows your style can lean towards the wild and wacky side. Many people collect wedding invitations since they have just grown more beautiful, elaborate, stylized and creative over the decades. 

So let’s take a look at some weird trends in the wedding invitation world and on other planets, dimensions and places you might never expect to go with a couple on their wedding day. 

Calling All Book Worms

Couples use book wedding invitations for many reasons. Maybe they are writers, met in a library, or have an absolute obsession over a certain book or series like Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia. Of course, there are many romantic novels and famous literacy works full of love stories that lend themselves beautifully to weddings which are all about romance.

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The great part about book-themed wedding invitations is they can be customized in so many ways. You can get boxes that look like books and put the wedding stationery inside, including the wedding invite. Or you can make the invitation look like a book cover with a single piece of card stock or heavy paper. If you are having a vintage, rustic, or boho wedding, books can be a lovely part of the wedding decor, so tying images of books into the invitation makes the wedding styling flow cohesively. 

If you are looking for a book themed wedding invitations send us some information here and we can get you a custom quote.

Bold And Important Words

Engraved wedding invitations might be presented on wood, acrylic, or even stone (which will probably be hand-delivered because imagine the postage costs). You also probably won’t be hanging this invite on your fridge because it’s sturdy and heavy. 

Engraved wedding invitations are distinctive, so if you receive an engraved invite, you can expect to see the theme repeated on the wedding day in the decor and styling. 

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The Christmas Wedding That Thrills

Nightmare Before Christmas wedding invitations are inspired by Tim Burton’s 1993 American stop-motion animated musical dark fantasy film. Jack and Sally, ghosts, witches and ghouls might feature on this scary invite that is unique and weird. 

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If you search online for Nightmare Before Christmas wedding invitation designs, you might be surprised how many options for Halloween town invites you can find. Dark, moody vibes are guaranteed to jump out of the wedding stationery envelope as your guests open the best wedding invitation they have ever had the pleasure of receiving. They will be frightfully excited.
If you are looking for nightmare before christmas wedding invitations send us some information here and we can get you a custom quote.

Pop Goes The Wedding Invitation And The Champagne

Pop-up wedding invitations are quirky and creative. When you open the invitation, which is usually in the form of a card, an image pops up. The designs can be quite intricate and might feature wedding rings, a bride and groom, architecture, text or flowers.

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Pop-up wedding invites can be fragile, so you need to make sure they are in envelopes made of sturdy paper or in a box to make sure they don’t tear. The work and craftsmanship that goes into this kind of artistic card are amazing. It’s probably not a DIY project since making a single invite would take many hours of study, practice, and execution that busy brides and grooms won’t have time for. 

You can be sure the wedding will be super fun if a pop up wedding invitation arrives in the mail. 

Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle wedding invitations are great for beach weddings, tropical celebrations and seaside nuptials. If there is an ocean theme or wedding ceremony near the beach, wedding invitations in a bottle are a great way to set the sandy scene. You can put shells and grains of sand in the bottle with the message (which is the wedding invitation) and decorate it with ribbons to make it look pretty. 

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The idea of a message in a bottle is that it is something rare to find. It evokes feelings of good luck and excitement. It also makes a pretty decoration that can be a keepsake that your guests will love. 

Of course, while glass might look more expensive and luxurious, plastic might be more practical. Make sure the neck of the bottle isn’t too narrow, as it can be tricky to get the paper contents out. We don’t want your guests smashing the bottle in a frenzy to get the big news. These kinds of bottles can also be wonderful for table seating plans and wedding favors to keep the ocean theme flowing like ocean waves and champagne.

Inspired By Tales From Middle Earth

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Lord of the Rings wedding invitations will surprise your guests even if they know you are crazy about the fantasy story about hobbit Frodo Baggins and friends. The font can be elvish-looking, the paper can be earthy, natural shades and a stamp from New Zealand or Middle Earth will complete the Lord of the Rings wedding invitation suite just perfectly.

Lord of the Rings wedding invitations have been around for a while and seem to be as timeless as the lost gold ring. The trend was booming in New Zealand, where the movie was filmed. Lord of the Rings lovers worldwide took a shine to the theme and sent out invites that look like ancient scrolls complete with olden-day maps on how to get to the wedding venue. A sprig of fern leaf completed the invite.

If you are looking for Lord of the Rings wedding invitations send us some information here and we can get you a custom quote.

Superman Marries Wonder Woman

Superhero wedding invitations are inspired by lovers of comics, action heroes and movies like Superman, Spiderman and Batman. Save the day instead of saving the date cards are sent ahead of the superhero wedding invitations to wedding guests expecting to see the couple fly down the aisle rather than walk. 

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The adults will be pumped like the muscles on the Hulk when they see a superhero invite. Any kids attending the wedding will think it’s all especially for them. For couples who send out superhero invitations, you could expect to see the theme followed on in the wedding cake, music and wedding decor details. That would be the subtle way. If the couple went all out following the theme set by the superhero wedding invite, who knows what superpowers they might unleash during the reception. Will they burst onto the dance floor for their first dance in full superhero costumes? You never know – it just might happen!

If you are looking for Superhero wedding invitations send us some information here and we can get you a custom quote.

Be There Dead Or Alive

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Skull wedding invitations are the ultimate idea for gothic, funky, off-beat, out-there weddings. There might be a Day of the Dead, steampunk or Viking theme as this couple walks down the aisle. This kind of bones and all wedding invitation lets guests know to expect the unexpected. They are striking, shocking and totally not your run-of-the-mill wedding invitation. 

Some wedding invitation trends are fading or even gone, but they sure did last for many bridal seasons. Remember the burlap and lace wedding invitations, doily wedding invitations, cricut wedding invitations and laser cut lace wedding invitations? They were so popular for a long time. 

The new generation of engaged couples is much less into these mainstream styles that you might see several times during a wedding season. At the time, they looked lovely, but today’s modern brides and grooms were ready for some fresh concepts.

The idea of being different, individual, or free-spirited has been embraced by couples and these trends send a message. The message is that they wish to cut back on traditions and do the wedding their way. Bright colors, fantasy themes, and pop culture genres that aren’t usually associated with weddings are acceptable and celebrated. There really are no limits to wedding styling and themes, which start with the wedding invitations.

If you are looking for Skull wedding invitations send us some information here and we can get you a custom quote.

Creative wedding invites that are a tiny bit weird are a great way to put your own spin on your day. While these weird wedding trends for wedding invitations are not for every couple, we sure love pouring over them and seeing the inspiration. 

Perhaps you will be inspired to go all out and surprise your friends and family by sending this sort of weird wedding invitation? Do you dare?

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  • Wow! what a nice blog post related to wedding cards. I always love to read your blog posts, as they are informational and written in a unique manner.

  • Jenna

    I’m so excited you found my message in a bottle wedding invitation! Postage can get a little crazy so best of you’re only inviting a few people (not the 100+ we sent out lol). We used glass bottles from the grocery store (think spicy condiments) and they were relatively cheap. We also used a handmade lokta paper from Nepal. I could go on and on about them, they were so much fun to make!

  • Wow! what a nice blog post related to wedding cards. I always love to read your blog posts, as they are informational and written in a unique manner.

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