Your Complete On-the-day Stationery Checklist

Your Complete On-the-day Stationery Checklist

Putting together a to-do list for your on the day wedding stationery is one of the best ways to keep your sanity up whilst preparing for your wedding. The Paperlust team would love to share our experience after working with thousands of couples on their wedding stationery. This article will be the perfect guide to all of the printed elements you might need for your big day. Now get your diary (or at least a piece of paper you won’t lose) and list them down!



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The second most important part of any Wedding, after you and your beloved, is the food and drinks! The only time a menu card is not required is if you were having a buffet-style wedding or a non-seated wedding.

However, even with a buffet, some couples choose to have buffet menu cards. While they aren’t always necessary—given that guests can typically see and select their food directly from the buffet—menu cards for buffet provide a more detailed overview of the served food. This is especially useful if there’s a wide variety of dishes or specific ingredients must be highlighted.

Otherwise, a menu is required to let your guests know what they are about to eat and especially if there are alternate dishes they have to choose from. Having a menu can be especially important if someone has allergies and will appreciate it if you provide a heads up on what’s in the dish. It will then be completely up to you if your guest will get individual menus, menus shared between alternate guests or shared among the table. Start customising your very own menu cards here.


Place cards

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You’ve put all your time in organizing your seating chart, why risk someone taking the wrong seat? Place cards at sit-down reception dinners help to enforce your seat assignment and guide your guests to where they should be sitting. It also relieves guest’s anxiety about where people are supposed to sit. Most venues will also require this item as it will help them in providing the correct meals as per your guests’ dietary requirements. Browse our place cards designs here and find one to suit your wedding.


Table numbers

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If you are using assigned seats, table numbers are just as necessary to make it easier for guests to find their seat. It also works as one of the table decorations to tie it all together with your wedding theme. Just ensure your table numbers are placed firmly on a holder so they won’t fall over or be blown away by the wind.


Wedding sign

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Wedding sign is the first thing your guests see when they enter the venue. It helps your guest to be sure that they are attending the correct wedding so you don’t have to worry about making sure your loved ones are all there. A wedding sign should contain the bride and groom’s name and the wedding date. If you want some ideas on decorating the wedding sign, head up to our recent article here.


Seating chart

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A seating chart ensures that the right guests are sitting with each other. You need to have corresponding place cards so it can save your guests from roaming around the venue to find their place card. You can place the seating chart just after the wedding sign on the entrance so your guests can take a look before they enter the reception venue.


Wedding Programs

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Depending on your wedding style and procession, you might not need a wedding program (also known as Order of Service). It is a small handbook which contains a step-by-step guide to your wedding ceremony and day and consists of a list of what will happen and what time. For church ceremonies, you can also add the lyrics to Wedding hymns which lets your guests sing along with the right words. You also have the option to add the list of the bridal party and thank you message in it.


Gift tags

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A gift tag is a tiny detail that will complete your overall guest experience from your wedding day. It is usually a small Thank you with you and your partner’s name and the wedding date. You can attach this on your wedding favours or bomboniere (See our bomboniere ideas here) to make it even memorable for your guests. Alternatively, you can also attach personalised stickers to your wedding favours.


Now that you have all the checklist, it’s time to decide what you need and don’t. Small weddings might not need a wedding program and a gift tag might not be necessary if you have stickers attached to your wedding favours. The most important thing if you decided to have on-the-day stationery printed is to tie them together with the theme. It will surely leave a good impression for your guest and we’re sure you love all the happy faces on your big day!

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