A Day in Her Shoes: Jamie, Paperlust Operations

Since pandemic restrictions are starting to get lift particularly within Australia, weddings are happening again often with smaller numbers of guests involved. The team at Paperlust is starting to get busier again with summer signalling the start of the wedding season. Just before we get swamped with creating personalised wedding invitations and on-the-day stationery for our customers, we would like to introduce one of our team members that helps to keep the business tick. Say hello to Jamie Lee, Paperlust Operations.

Hi Jamie! It’s really nice to see you today. We think that you’re very inspirational and we are glad to introduce you to our readers.


What do you usually do to kickstart your day when you arrive at Paperlust studio?

Since this interview is happening during the pandemic, I start my day by spraying at wiping down the studio and then turning on my computer to let my drive synch while I make myself a cup of matcha tea.

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How long have you been in the industry? What’s the best part of working with brides to be?

I used to photograph weddings so I’ve been in the industry for about 7 years now? And I’ve been with Paperlust for five years, officially full-time three-ish years. I get quite excited about sharing paper and print knowledge with our customers, you leave here learning that there are about 500 different types of whites! I also enjoy when a customer comes in with a completely out of the box idea and challenges us in coming up with a way to get it printed while exceeding their expectations. Advice for the brides: If you have an idea that is not your standard printing, give plenty of time for your printers to test and trial haha


What do you usually do in your spare time at home?

I started yoga not too long ago and have dedicated an hour a day to that, other than that I play a lot of computer games – PC master race yeah! I play games such as dota, rust, and plenty of other mini games. I find that I always have work opened in the background in case that one customer needs something super urgent in the middle of the night or if I have a random creative urge to design.


Ah you can design as well? What’s your inspiration in designs?

Yeah, I learnt to design whilst working for Paperlust. Paperlust independent designers are so brilliant, I love looking at all the different types of designs coming through to us! I get inspired by the designs I see in the studio and think about how I can make something better and different, and that’s my inspiration. I try my best to create something unique every time, I’m really enjoying off centered, unaligned, weirdly space design which makes our creative director Shab question my sanity.

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That’s amazing! We all know that Paperlust has tons of designs to choose from, can you mention 3 designs you love the most and why?

Lissom by Inggrid – The placement of text in this is just so well thought out. It reminds me of a beautifully planned architectural building.

Crosshatch by Milly – How can you not, it’s so simple, yet so luxurious! Just feel it! I’m a real sucker for blind letterpress.

Idoru by Jamie – Is it obnoxious to say that I like my own design? haha It’s my most recent design that hasn’t shown up much in orders yet which is probably why I still love it, haven’t had the opportunity to look at it as much.

What a great choice! We love those designs too. Thank you for your time, Jamie. Hope you have a great day working today!

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