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A wedding favour is a take home gift that should be personalised to leave a long lasting impression on your guests, it is a unique keepsake for your guests to remember your wedding day. We love the idea of adding a personal touch to your wedding favours to show your genuine thanks for making a little effort (travelling, getting especially dressed up, hiring babysitters, etc) to attend your wedding day and what better way than literally adding a personal touch!

DIY doesn’t mean you have to make the entire favour from scratch. It could be as simple as making (or buying) something in batch and packing them into personalised packaging. Here are a few oh-so-easy ideas you could take away and make it your own!


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Succulents are incredibly popular wedding favours at the moment and we totally understand why (our Paperlust studio’s indoor garden has slowly turned into a jungle by our plant addict and creative director Shab). Whether you’re a couple that loves gardening or nature or just want to give a gift that symbolises growing life, succulents are a good choice for guests to have a lasting reminder. There is also the option for getting a different type of potted plant but that depends how many plant-killer friends are attending the wedding!


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Purchase some tubes from your local home essential store or thrift store and mix together your very own wedding-themed brew. You can bulk order tea leaves online from a tea specialist or from your local market and just give each guest a tube with enough tea leaves for that heartwarming post-wedding cuppa. We suggest brewing the tea of your choice to taste beforehand especially if you have mixed the recipe yourself! 

Tie a personalised label onto the lid and boom! Cheap and easy wedding favors that will look great on the table.


Jam, brownie mix, lemon curd, marmalade, salted caramel, pickles? We could keep going if you like but the options are endless. A jar with the filling of your choice is a great choice for wedding favours because it’s easy to personalize and it’ll keep a lot longer due to the natural preservation.

The good news is you don’t have to browse for hours to find the tested recipes since our team at Paperlust already rounded up some 5-rated recipes you can try at home. Now get your apron on and start “cooking”!

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Donation in lieu of gift

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Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life, why not take this moment to give back to the world? If you choose to make a charitable donation and advertise it at your wedding, give serious consideration to the organization or cause you choose as wedding are not, in our opinion, the place to advertise anything political or religious as it will spark unpleasant conversations within your guest. Make sure to introduce the cause to your guest with plenty of information and let them know why it matters to you.

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