DIY Origami Hearts for Valentines Day

DIY Origami Hearts for Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! Loved-up or single, this Paperlust DIY is the perfect way to spread the love this February 14th. Make them for your crush, your lover, your sister, your mum, your bestie, that girl in the office, or just for yourself! Make one on its own or create a whole set of love. Fold it from a love note, string them together into garlands, or dip them in glitter: Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spread the paper love (not that we ever need an excuse!).


DIY Origami Hearts for Valentines Day StepsShare on Pinterest

  1. Start with a square piece of paper, coloured side facing down. Fold horizontally and vertically, then unfold, so the crease creates four smaller squares
  2. Fold bottom edge to the centre of bottom squares (a quarter of the way up the paper)
  3. Flip paper along vertical edge (folded up bit still at the bottom, but no longer visible)
  4. Fold the bottom corners to the centre vertical line
  5. Flip paper
  6. Fold top corners to the centre vertical line, creating a diamond shape
  7. Fold top corner down to the bottom corner
  8. Fold the triangles in along their inner edge
  9. Fold top corners in to make a triangular shaped top
  10. Flip paper over, and voila!

Now go love on your people!  If you’re interested in more clever DIY paper art ideas, check out our DIY origami flowers, DIY origami cake toppers, our favourite DIY origami flowers, and our Pinterest boards Paper Flowers and Paper Art, Origami + Creativity.

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