Cool & Crafty Ways To Save The Date

Crafty save the date puzzle

For those of you who are in need of save the date cards (if you are unsure, check out our enlightening article about whether you fall into this category or notbut cannot be satisfied with just sending the card out, I implore you to keep reading.

Traditionally, save the date cards are the pretty piece of paper that informs your guests not to book anything on that special day because their presence is required at your wedding. There are no details about the day given to guests yet (such as reception or dress code), only that the date is off-limits because they will be doing something important.

Yet there are some who want to do more than send a simple invitation to their friends. They want something extraordinary, and fortunately enough I have researched four of the most ingenious ways to save your date so you don’t have to.

The five most common fun ways to create a cool save the date:

  1. Save the date Postcards – Save the date postcards are a fun and easy to send way of letting your guests know what’s happening and when, so they can make their plans accordingly. You can even save time without having to pack them into indivdual envelopes.
  2. Photo save the dates – Include a photo of you, your family or even both partners and your dog!
  3. Save the Dates with Magnets – Add a magnet sticker to the back of your save the date cards so your guests don’t misplace the special date.

Other cool crafty ways to Save the Date


What’s more exciting than receiving a letter in the mail that isn’t a bill or an invitation? A parcel of course! Parcels hold a special place in all of our hearts because it brings with it the intriguing question as to what’s inside.

‘A parcel’ is a great idea, but for the less creative among us, what should we include in it? Fear not people, grab your Save the Dates and think about purchasing the following:

  • Cute boxes
  • Party Poppers
  • Balloons
  • Shredded paper (obviously this is something you don’t need to buy if you work in an office!)
  • Love Heart Lollies
  • Anything else you think would be a cute addition!

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Are you a riddler at heart and want to keep your guests guessing? There are many avenues the Puzzler can explore, none cuter than the word search or getting back-to-basics with the original jigsaw puzzle.

It takes a bit of planning when designing the word search card, or having the guts to cut up your beautiful Save the Date card, but you don’t come across an interactive Save the Date card everyday! Besides, it provides many fun times as the guests solve their way to your wedding.

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Crafty save the date word searchShare on Pinterest



You’d love to include a photo of you as a couple, but don’t want to be that couple? There is a simple answer to your dilemma that you’ll fall in love with – an illustration of you two in a Photo booth *cue the “naw’s”*.

It doesn’t have to be a traditional ‘illustration’: maybe a cute cartoon of you two in the different poses one would normally assume in a photo booth situation. You may already have one that you would love to translate to pencil, or you can be more creative. But slide this in with your Save the Date card with an appropriately coloured paperclip and it’ll have secured its path to the fridge.

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This is by far one of the best save the date ideas on the Internet. Remember those amazing scratchy cards? The ones where the scratch reveal is satisfying enough that you didn’t care if you won or not? Well you can make your own, and use them as your save the dates!
We’ve found a tutorial that allows you to make your own silvery (or even gold!) paste of delight for your guests to revel over!
Use it to go over the date of your wedding, or even your names (if you wanted a bigger surprise) and your guests will be amused on more than one level!

After finding such a magnificent recipe (which will become mandatory usage for all of my future invitations), we at Paperlust decided to make sure the recipe for the homemade scratchy was indeed doable.

Let’s just say it is completely doable, but it’s a slight test of patience as it needs each layer to dry COMPLETELY before adding another, otherwise it scratches away the previous work. As per recommendation of the tutorial, it’s best to do this in batches of invitations to save you many hours waiting to apply the next layer. If you have a hairdryer handy, you’re more prepared than we were.

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There you have it, the most satisfyingly crafty and interactive ways to spice up your save the date cards. Of course there is nothing wrong if you want to send out just the cards –in fact there are some designs that you would hate to distract from! But some people just crave something different, and this post is for them.

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